January 20th, 2021

Coaldale should give citizens a voice via plebiscite

By Letter to the Editor on March 6, 2020.

The town of Coaldale has decided that the people of Coaldale have no voice in deciding where the new high school and recreation centre will be located. The very people who took an oath to lead the town for the best potential of the Town of Coaldale have failed since declaring “no plebiscites!”

With a recreation centre attached or located next to the high school in the far northwest corner of Coaldale, there will be traffic congestion, the danger of crossing a four-lane highway and high-train-traffic railroad tracks, and the high cost of busing kids from the southside with the people of Coaldale being burdened by the cost.

The town of Coaldale said they wanted public input but always words only because they have never listened to the public and did what the public wants by making a change to where the eventual new high school and recreation centre will be located!

To make matters worse, there will be a new traffic light on the four-lane highway west of Coaldale at the intersection just west of Coaldale Greenhouse.

I am not against building any new buildings in Coaldale. I am against going into debt and no public input whatsoever but an organized plan to pretend there was public input!

A plebiscite is the truest form of democracy which the Town of Coaldale has chosen to take away from our great town and great people! Democracy is dead in Coaldale, Alberta, Canada.

P.S. While we are talking plebiscites, let’s have one for all the new projects in Coaldale that are planned that are not needed at this time of economic downturn known as a recession.

1. A huge new town office complex. 2. To build a new indoor swimming pool that the taxpayer doesn’t have to completely pay for through higher taxes. 3. Is a very expensive recreation centre needed when we have the world’s best 12-15 miles away? 4. Should the town buy the 7-Eleven building just to make the east turn bigger?

Everyone in Coaldale write an email or letter to the town to force a plebiscite on all these issues.

Murray Grigor



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