January 22nd, 2021

Freedom of the press is in trouble

By Letter to the Editor on March 7, 2020.

I believe there are many factors that can contribute to the demise of our democracy, including the deterioration of our election process, corruption throughout governments and society in general, fake news/social media and people confusing personal commentary as factual news. One of my biggest fears is the loss of an unbiased free press.

This letter was prompted by an article in the Lethbridge Herald on Feb. 13 by Peter Stockland. (https://lethbridgeherald.com/commentary/opinions/2020/02/13/crtcs-dangerous-new-vision/)

Freedom of the press/free speech and, just as important, an unbiased press with journalistic integrity, searching for the truth, is in serious trouble, in my opinion. There are many ways to destroy freedom of the press and ultimately free speech. You can influence their reporting and commentary by paying the media like the Liberals are doing. Annual payout to CBC, $1.5 billion; the Liberal party’s $600-million bribe to the media that supports their agenda and $1.4 billion if you publish stories that reinforce climate change. How can you possibly expect journalistic integrity when the owners of the media are being paid off by the government?

Two other examples are how both then premier Rachel Notley and PM Trudeau both went after two journalists working for Rebel News. Both journalists have written books regarding either Ms. Notley or Mr. Trudeau. On both occasions they were attacked by the respective election bureaucrats insinuating that these books were political advertising and therefore the journalist should have registered with the respective election offices.

In both cases, government officials at taxpayers’ expense were used to hassle these authors because both Ms. Notley and Mr. Trudeau did not like what was said about them in the books. If there were some lies in the books, then both can sue for defamation of character at their expense, not use government employees. No other media outlet, except for Rex Murphy, reported on this outrageous abuse of power and a deliberate attack on free speech.

A great example that demonstrates freedom of the press is still alive is the recent SNC Lavalin corruption scandal where Justin Trudeau was found guilty of corruption over conflict of interest with his interference in the justice process. Without the journalistic integrity and searching for the truth by three journalists at the Globe and Mail, Trudeau might have gotten away with his interference. Democracy will die if we lose freedom of the press and right now, we are on life support.

Barrie Orich


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At first I thought you were making a joke … but now, as one of your commentary friends, I am concerned you need therapy. Do you suffer from paranoid delusions? Is everyone against you? Do you see a conspiracy in everything? Are you storing food, water and ammo for end times? Do you write long letters to Ezra Levant? Do you have a framed photo of Stephen Harper above your bed? It’s time, Barrie, to get some help.


Another great letter Barrie exposing a Liberal bias in our media and other government funded institutions.
So sad Barrie there is so many of us walking around with our eyes-shut with regards to this truth. I am thinking they are totally brain-washed or in complete denial. Funding should be cut completely to the CBC and incubators (Universities) of this anti free-speech narrative.
Thankyou for your inciteful letter Barrie.


Yes, let’s shut down the universities and news media we don’t like to save our freedom of expression.

diplomacy works

Uh, yes johnny.57, you and Mr. Orich have provided inciteful contributions.

Inciting to hate and stupidity – university as an incubator?

What both lack are any insight into the problem, let alone presenting solutions.


Is Mr. Orich’s letter_insightful_?

Definitely not!

Could Mr. Orich’s letter be considered to be ‘inciteful’?

By insinuating Rebel Media is a bastion of truth and integrity in journalism, Rex Murphy offers unbiased opinions, and universities are nothing more than a den of subversive thought? – quite possibly!


good summary. @barrie, good start then blah

diplomacy works

The writer raises some reasonable concerns with opinion pieces being confused with facts and with fake news.

Then falls down his own rabbit hole displaying how those traps (Rebel Media! Rex Murphy!) have informed his own paranoid take on the news.

Every federal government has funded CBC since inception. Harper made a big fuss (as Cons still do) about the CBC being biased – even as he stuffed the board with his own donors and layabouts. Nonetheless, it is government funded and always has been. Unlike other media outlets, CBC never, ever endorses any candidate for election.

The $600 million bail out is not to be decided by Trudeau rewarding journalists and stories he “likes”. A committee, composed of newspapers, unions and others – including National Post which as we all know, runs Alberta’s Own Propaganda War Room. The media bail out will include things like a tax credit to journalists, allowing not for profit news sources to claim charitable status, readers (like us) will also be able to claim a tax credit for our on line subscriptions.


It’s far from perfect, but what is the Con plan, given how very-very-very concerned they are with “truth”.

Rebel Media openly campaigned against Notley and Trudeau with the publication of polemical books, billboards, and events.

Please name and present an example of any other true media (even National Post) doing that.

Rebel Media
is not a
news source.

And Rex Murphy is a highly pad oil lobbyist and propagandists with one tale to tell and an enormous thesaurus to tell it with.