January 16th, 2021

Province’s closing of parks is shortsighted

By Letter to the Editor on March 12, 2020.

To say that I am deeply ashamed of our provincial government right now would be a vast understatement. Closing our parks and handing them over to third parties for “budgetary reasons” is one of the most idiotic and shortsighted things I’ve ever heard.

Alberta prides itself on its beautiful scenery, from the untamed majesty of Kananaskis, to the dramatic fusion of foothills and mountains of Waterton. It’s a proven fact that spending time in nature revitalizes one’s mental and emotional health. There are many recreational activities, such as cross country skiing, hiking and more, that visitors cherish and serve as time-honoured traditions for them. Preserving these parks is critical to not only the well-being and culture of our people, but to the biodiversity of the ecosystem, especially in a world that continues to threaten its natural environments with industrial expansion.

Looking at these parks from a business lens makes no sense whatsoever, as their purpose is far greater than what any amount of money could buy.

I thought I couldn’t loathe the United Conservatives any more than I already do after they lowered the minimum wage for people under 18, and cut funding to post-secondary schools, which is now making life even harder on my fellow classmates. And now they’re trying this. It should be clear to everyone that Kenney, Nixon and every politician that supports them doesn’t care about future generations, as every move they have made serves to undermine our place in society, in finance, education, and now, with our connection to our natural world itself. And anyone that is willing to put the future of their own species at such outrageous disadvantages shouldn’t be supported by anyone. I am both saddened and embarrassed to be an Albertan right now.

Kristen Kargard


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Fedup Conservative

You have nailed it Kristen. They are only interested in looking after themselves and their rich friends. The more money they cut from the public the more they have to give away. Don’t forget they are planning more massive cuts to the corporate taxes for their rich friends and this money has to come from somewhere.

While Alaska and Norway continue to fill their savings accounts with oil wealth we give ours all away. I haven’t forgotten the American oilmen that I was involved with. They called Albertans the dumbest people on the planet for allowing the Klein government to give it away the way they were. “Don’t you people realize it’s non-renewable was their cry”.

Although oil production in Alaska isn’t anywhere near what Alberta’s is , Alaska increased their savings account by $1.3 billion last year and gave every man, woman, and child $1,606. What did you get ? Their Alaska Permanent Fund is at $66.3 billion, ours a pathetic $17 Billion. They pay no state taxes and their property taxes are next to nothing.
Albertans enjoy being treated like morons, it’s what we do best.

Dennis Bremner

Poor Fedup, perhaps you should learn the difference between Light to Extra Heavy Oils, like Bitumen and the price differential? Also it might be worth your while to understand SAGD and the costs to extract Extra Heavy Oils, oh, and you might want to research PIPELINES because if you cannot get your oil to market, (the shocker) you don’t get any money for it.

John P Nightingale

Absolutely correct.
No consultation whatsoever and a blatant disregard for wild-life corridors and the interconnectedness of all living things.
Consider writing letters to the premier, Nixon and your local MLA.


next we will need to examine who gets the land, and for how much. typically, when something moves from the public sphere to the private, the public gets fleeced and the private scores big. if we ever had an audit done here in lethbridge, i expect we would uncover a lot of such graft, with about a handful of the usual beneficiaries repeatedly being involved.
thank you fedup and jpn for your thoughts, and to the writer for taking time to voice needed concern over this disgusting move. we have something that stinks really bad in edmonton, but this time it is not due to compost and sewage, just a heap of garbage coming into its own.

Fedup Conservative

biff , I haven’t forgotten how Ralph Klein sold the Holy Cross Hospital for $4.7 million when it was likely worth $400 Million. Lougheed and Getty had just spent $34 million renovating it. I haven’t forgotten that he sold the Grace Hospital, where my mother and sister volunteered for 33 years, for $100,000. we were told. Along with it’s equipment it was valued a $80 Million . The owners then allowed it to go bankrupt . I haven’t forgotten how he sold off the public ownership of our power industry. We were told it was valued at $7 billion and they sold it for $2 billion, then it was sold again to Warren Buffett for $3 Billion.

Looking after their rich friends and screwing the stupid Alberta people is what it’s all about. But as we know it’s really easy to do. The guys who attack us on this site prove it.

You can write all the letters you want John these guys won’t listen. Lawyers suggested in the past that we start suing them and I think that’s what we need to do. This is our oil wealth they are giving away. As Lougheed stated start thinking like an owner.


It is important that Albertans realise that we can no longer afford parks, universities, schools and good healthcare, until Trudeau and the international eco-terrorists allow the price of oil to get back to $100/barrel.

John P Nightingale

A complete segue into meaningless , inaccurate territory.