January 15th, 2021

Where’s the accountability in justice system?

By Letter to the Editor on March 12, 2020.

And once again there is no accountability for a criminal.

The 29-year-old that was acquitted in a drug-fuelled attack was so intoxicated he was at the point of impaired consciousness from alcohol and illegal drugs. Then he did another illegal act by breaking into a 60-year-old woman’s home, then yet another illegal act by beating her with a broom handle where there were serious injuries to her hands and arms. He also went on to commit a fourth illegal act by breaking into another home in the same neighbourhood.

But because he didn’t remember his actions after ingesting the drugs and alcohol, this does not mean he is not responsible for them. He was responsible for taking the illegal drugs and alcohol in the first place; this act alone should be a person’s acceptance of responsibility knowing that their judgment would be impaired.

What is this judgment telling us about Alberta’s justice system, or lack of one?

Darlene Gaudet


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