January 16th, 2021

Don’t privatize our parks

By Letter to the Editor on March 13, 2020.

I wish to inform you all in the provincial government’s head positions that you must not take your dreaded announced steps to privatize our beautiful public parks. That is such a sad idea.

We citizens in Alberta do enjoy visiting our parks, as we have for many years. We have been very willing over the decades to pay our share of taxes and will continue to do so. Also, it is important for individuals whose income is low and therefore are not able to pay … it is important that they can freely share in the enjoyment of our beautiful province with its lovely scenery and refreshing environment. It is also essential for the upcoming generations of young people to be able to enjoy our publicly owned parks.

We do hope that you carefully consider our wishes which we have presented.

Margaret and Eugene Falkenberg


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John P Nightingale

…. and do not forget the importance to the flora and fauna residing within the parks as of today. Tomorrow ? Now that is another story and one that seems to not have a happy ending…..