January 22nd, 2021

Plans for costly centre raises some questions

By Letter to the Editor on March 24, 2020.

With regard to the Lethbridge Herald article Feb. 12 on an Indigenous Cultural Centre in the City of Lethbridge. Perry Stein, the Indigenous Relations Adviser for the City of Lethbridge, advises that we need such a centre and the cost could be as high as $20 million – and that we need this cultural centre to serve as a bridge between local Indigenous peoples and the broader Lethbridge community.

This brings to mind a few questions:

1. Why would one of the three major Blackfoot centres (Standoff, Brocket and Gleichen) not want to put in place a centre like this to promote reconciliation and tourism?

2. Would a centre in Brocket promote the buffalo jump cultural centre and the new centre in Brocket and draw people who wish to visit both?

3. Would we in Lethbridge be better off culturally and financially providing outdoor space and seating in one of our current parks (Peenaquim, Alexander Wilderness, Popson, Indian Battle, Cottonwood) for year-round events?

4. Is Lethbridge not the go-to place for goods and services for two Blackfoot reserve residents? Do we need one more reason for money to be spent here in Lethbridge rather than in Standoff or Brocket?

5. And lastly – do we even need an Indigenous Relations Adviser? We have a mayor and council who are up to speed with all issues concerning all residents of Lethbridge – Indigenous, immigrant, senior, youth, middle aged, LGBTQ2SA, Metis, handicapped, addicted, and the stupefied.

Grant R. Harrington


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Unfortunately, the only group that you listed that serves council is the stupefied.


some good questions raised.
phlush – lol
i am increasingly tired of niche ‘centers” that serve niche groups and enclaves – always with public money being used. this center, and all such others, hardly promote unity or bridge much of anything, and instead promote separations, differences and divisions.
as for do we need an indigenous relations advisor?! first i have heard of this waste of space, and i feel it is a job we do not need to be funding. put another way, why is it we do not have relations advisors for each of every other niche group one chooses to identify as separately special? because it would be wasteful and redundant.

Dennis Bremner

I think we need Nation to Nation to Nation to Nation to Nation talks on this, before making a decision, that way one will never be made!


Our Mayor must build this culture center maybe get a headdress a previous ndp mayor built a friendship centre (he got one) on 2 ave sits empty the doped reserve wanderers could have a warm place to stay get them off the streets let the band council take care of them and pay the operating costs of the so-called center get it off our backs same with the reserve hotel on the north side who is paying operating costs today us not the Blood Band with their oil royalties pay from Indian oil and Gas Canada some $500 million royalty payments all returned to bands. The wrong flag is flying in front of City Hall it should be the flags of all nations that built this City. would you call that racism?

Seth Anthony

Millions and millions spent on indigenous culture centers and art centers that will accomplish almost NOTHING. All this as we go bankrupt.

It’s all virtue signaling and ego pumping from inept so called “leaders”.


Yes this Council like the title of big spenders like the CASA the Allied Arts Council collects yearly the fee for service for CASA alone over $400,000. a total tax dollars of $700,000. a year plus all group project rental fees. They pay “0” towards debt or operating costs. Do you wonder what the $75 million plus performing arts centre they will collect for so-called fee for service . Council has already dumped $10m of our money into it. You know election next year Council Carlson, Campbell,Spearman and all others who commited to support Allied Arts group Pac. The Pac committee chaired by Carlson has increased square footage and seating to 1200 above Consultant recommendations.