March 31st, 2020

Bill C-8 will limit help for children with gender issues

By Letter to the Editor on March 25, 2020.

Something worrisome is happening to gender-confused children in Canada. Every parent should know that Bill C-8, the Conversion Therapy Ban, limits opportunities for children to receive thorough psychological care. Should the bill pass, it will criminalize therapists who help children to accept their natural bodies.

In the past, therapists used various methods, including waiting. They discovered that, after puberty, 85 per cent of children became comfortable in their natural bodies, and stopped claiming to be the opposite sex. This cautious approach is now vilified as conversion therapy. Counsellors who treat underlying issues, such as depression, anxiety and autism, are now at risk of being charged with a hate crime.

Endocronologist Dr. Michael Laidlaw warns that the current experimental practice of puberty blockers followed by cross sex hormones leads to sterility. Recently the U.K. launched a review into this practice. Canada should also pause to think, especially considering the growing numbers of young people who are detransitioning and reidentifying with their birth sex.

Instead of criminalizing conversion therapy for children with gender-identity issues, we should outlaw the unethical practice of experimenting on children’s bodies. Parents should contact their MPs and tell the government to stay out of the counselling rooms of the nation.

Sascha Kramps


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10 Responses to “Bill C-8 will limit help for children with gender issues”

  1. John P Nightingale says:

    Meaning staying out of the business of religious bodies claiming the validity of CT.
    Interesting quote from the writer: “Instead of criminalizing conversion therapy for children with gender-identity issues, we should outlaw the unethical practice of experimenting on children’s bodies.” That is exactly what CT does.

  2. biff says:

    yeah, let’s experiment on their minds and the sense of who they are, instead. let us enforce the unnatural societal “norms” the rigid and control freaks require for their sense of well being (recall when long hair was only for women, short hair for men…same with pants for men only? men only jobs and women only jobs? that was the good old days, now wasn’t it?). but above all, let us at least hold off on c-8 long enough to let premier kenney access conversion therapy, before we ban what amounts to sanctioned and purposeful brainwashing.

  3. phlushie says:

    biff, about keney lol

  4. snoutspot4 says:

    The letter writer is being completely disingenuous. Much more insidious and common than the issues discussed, the attempt to pray the gay way does not work, People are psychologically tortured and subject to physical abuse to make them conform to a contrived view of world. Conversion Therapy is a travesty that must be stamped out. How dare she suggest that persons are being deprived?

    Ms. Kramps has a poor understanding of development and reproduction physiology, This isn’t about continuing to provide valid alternatives, it is about ending the practice of attempting to coerce a biblical or otherwise view of the person.

    • RadStorm says:

      Did you even read what was written in this letter to the editor? You are making a slew of assumptions in your response. This letter is to bring attention to the fact that Bill C-8 will criminalize therapists that counsel children to feel comfortable in their own bodies. This is my concern. I am referring to the experimental “transitioning” of children. Nowhere in this letter does it state anything about lesbian, gay or bisexual people and a wish to further continue conversion therapy on these individuals. Furthermore, I am a lesbian. My mother told me to go to “talk to a priest” when I came out of the closet 25 years ago, so I know all about other people trying to convert me. Nowhere in this letter did I state anything about “praying the gay away” OR even imply such garbage. Again to reiterate, my concern is the experimental practice of gender-affirming therapy in CHILDREN. Not adults. Not one word about adults or lesbian, gay or bisexual individuals in the letter I submitted. May I suggest that you have a poor reading comprehension.

      • biff says:

        does one not assume, then, that a child not feeling comfortable in their body is “unnatural” or not ok? a spirit that feels feminine, but is born into a masculine body, and vice versa, is seen as an aberration that requires correcting? is it because a minority of people would feel as such, and therefore, it is something that requires “correcting” so as to match the the so-called normalcy of the majority?
        perhaps what people require most in these cases is to be reassured that they can represent as how they presently feel. perhaps it is the rest of society that needs to be reminded to not bully or act hatefully toward anyone – child or adult – that feels a desire or need to be different?
        because one may identify as gay does not make one an authority on sexual gender. however, one might assume that a gay person might have more compassion for those on the margins of society’s abnormal and often destructive and hurtful obsessions with controlism, conformity, and pack mentality.
        is not the crux of the issue, then, to let the child experience – so long as no one is put in peril – and over time they will figure out what is right for them? what a child surely requires is reassurance that they are ok, not therapy. c-8 will prevent a child from being badgered into feeling there is something wrong with them, when the greater issue is the behaviour of society. what makes one feel uncomfortable are the pressures that come from a rigid society that places so much emphasis on artificial “norms”. however, we might agree that childhood is not the appropriate time to embark on any sex changing operations.

  5. It is true that most children showing signs of gender dysphoria do grow out of it. However, persistence of the condition is a function of its severity. Those kids who do desist never transition in the first place and were not in acute distress.

    In order to counsel a child out of gender dysphoria, one would be required to change their gender identity to conform to their natal sex.

    A study out of Harvard Medical School was published to the Journal of the American Medical Association, Psychiatry on September 11, 2019. It established that any exposure to gender identity conversion efforts leads to a lifetime of adverse mental health consequences.

    Religious conservatives have a problem with transgender people because, in their view, the existence of transgender people offends Genesis 1:27. They are entitled to their opinion and beliefs.

    Nevertheless, conforming public policy to religious dogma is an absurdity. Belief systems are based on faith. Medical science, in contrast, is based on evidence. Policy should reflect the best available science.

  6. The responses to this letter show that there has not been enough dialogue in our culture about how sexual orientation differs from gender identity. These two are often lumped together but should not be. Sexual orientation is about who you are attracted to and does not require altering the body in any way, nor does it demand that society alter language, locker room facilities, and sex-based biological facts. Gender identity is about a mismatch between the body and the mind, much of which could be altered by rejecting social stereotypes that limit human potential. Ironically gender ideology reinforces sterotypes by positing the idea that girls who like sports might actually be boys, and boys who like pink dresses might actually be girls. This is a dangerous idea because, down the road, these children confront a puberty that tells them otherwise. You cannot change your biological sex and telling children that you can is not honest or healthy. Puberty blockers and cross sex hormones STERILIZE children. How can anyone think that STERLIZING children is better than helping them to work through their issues, express themselves however they like, and also live within the limits of the body they have? Conversion therapy legislation is about sexual orientation and should never be linked to gender identity. Bill C8 needs to be altered.

    • RadStorm says:

      Thank you for your support!
      Amazes me that people can’t see how it actually reinforces stereotypes. And that people can willfully ignore that this gender affirmation model and subsequent hormones and surgeries will sterilize these children. Sterilize them. And also ignore that children will largely desist with those feelings of being the other sex. All of it is experimental.

  7. biff says:

    m r – i am with you through the first half of your entry. from the sentence beginning “Ironically gender ideology reinforces sterotypes(sic)….” you lose me. i will agree that sex changes for youth and introducing youth to sundry chemicals is unacceptable. however, i do not think c-8 is about legislating access to those options for youth. conversion therapy for youth is diabolical; if an adult wishes to pursue such a course, that would their free choice as sole arbiter of their body; so too is the decision to alter one’s appearance through surgery, to ingest whatever, and experience and explore whatever…so long as the rights of others are not abridged.

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