January 18th, 2021

Let’s not get into name-calling

By Letter to the Editor on April 4, 2020.

Having spent some of the winter south of the border, I am used to, but abhor, name calling such as “Mini Mike, Lyin’ Ted, Pocohontas.” Here in Canada, our grandchildren wear pink T-shirts in school with the words “be kind” on them to promote anti-bullying efforts.

Therefore, I was particularly disturbed with a letter to the editor on March 31, in which the writer asserted his fingers slipped on the keyboard and name-called the prime minister. Please feel free to disagree with policies, but let’s not start name calling; such actions are way beneath Canadians.

Lucelle M. Prindle


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John P Nightingale

You should read the “Comments” and “Roasted and Toasted ” for multiple and repetitive examples of what you write in your letter.
I agree BTW.