January 18th, 2021

What’s behind disappearing hedges?

By Letter to the Editor on April 17, 2020.

When I used to go to Henderson Lake to go for a walk I liked to park on the west side behind the shrub hedge (cotoneaster, caragana or something similar) since it blocked the wind. The hedges are all gone. I notice the same thing in a number of other parks.

Are all our park hedges in Lethbridge being removed because of safety issues? We want open sight lines? We want to discourage the homeless folks from hanging around, or remove areas where people could do drugs? I doubt that all the hedges have aged at once or have suddenly come down with diseases or heavy infestations of some kind.

Many trees have also had the lower limbs removed possibly for the same reason. Sad if we are treating the symptoms of social problems (homelessness, etc.) by hacking away at our green spaces rather than trying to address the causes of homelessness, addiction and mental challenges that some of our neighbours are facing.

Henry Komadowski


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