January 25th, 2021

Why shortages if farmers are having to dump products?

By Letter to the Editor on May 7, 2020.

In the news lately it has been stated that dairy farmers have had to dump their milk to dispose of it. Yet when you go to some grocery stores there is a limit of two four-litre jugs of milk when you want to purchase it. The egg department is totally devoid of large eggs, forcing you to purchase a different kind or brand of eggs and there is a limit of one dozen per purchase of groceries.

Are the dairy processors and the egg processors not an essential service? So why are stores curtailing the amount consumers can purchase of these essential food supplies? Has any journalist sought an answer to my questions? It would be nice to have an answer to some of these questions.

There is all kinds of information about all the good things front-line workers are providing but what about some of the work that goes on behind the scenes? Have some of these businesses curtailed their operations to create shortages in stores at the expense to the producers of the raw products? Maybe it is just to raise prices when people are already in hardship due to being laid off from their usual jobs like teachers, small businesses and the like. In my opinion, I think that these concerns should be investigated.

Bernard Tichler


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it is the new now. greed is back in, as is market manipulation to support the greed. on the other hand car sales are down so there will be government bailouts. everything is being manipulated to get more from the consumer. just think about the mortgage help. the banks my defer up to 6 paayments only to add on9 to 11 payments at the end of the term. they lose nothing, just game, and if they lose the taxpayer bails them out.


you got that right, phlush. the economy has been a sham since the move away from the gold standard, and the last shred of any tie to that came under the watch of tricky dickie nixon. our system has been unsustainable for about 2 generations now, and we will need to reconfigure, not just our approach to money, but to sustainable living. the utter disrespect we have for the living planet is appalling, and is now biting back at us hard. making it all worse are the many covert organisations – not just in totalitarian states, but also in the so-called free world – that are drumming up massive issues for peace and human affairs. i feel we will look back on covid as the good old days, given what these idiots will wreak upon us in years to come.
as for dumping of food, sadly, this is not a novel reality. dumping has been a fixture of our economy for ages, as has gross waste. it is shameful, if not criminal.


FDR that darling Democrat President took the US off the gold standard June 5/1933.


Good information here. Cuts through the rhetoric


Seth Anthony

It’s not our monetary or economic system that is a sham. That would be like saying the car is at fault when a drunk driver kills someone. The “sham” is the political system.

From what I wrote in this thread:


We have an archaic and pathetic political system. It breeds divisiveness, vote buying, corruption, reckless spending, and virtue signaling. It doesn’t matter what party you vote for. The elite and corporations will get richer, and the rest of us will move further and further into poverty. Anything less than Direct Democracy is a glorified dictatorship and arguably slavery.