January 15th, 2021

How has COVID changed our lives?

By Letter to the Editor on May 16, 2020.

It’s not over, this COVID-19 crisis. We must continue to be observant and cautious about health and life. There are other questions we need to get on with.

Can we go back to the way things were? What are the most important things to do now? I hear people talk about getting the economy growing again. Are our values the same as before COVID-19? Do we think about life, work and fear of sickness and death the same? How has life changed for me? Do jobs and money take importance, or are friends and family more important? All these questions and more may be different.

Do we give ourselves the time to question the importance of the way we live – what we consider important in life? It may be tempting to rush back to work as soon as possible, and maybe even forget some things we learned about ourselves during the crisis. I know it isn’t over yet. But has the way we used to think about jobs, money and the economy changed? Do we see life differently now?

In 2020 we have seen governments suddenly find billions of dollars that weren’t available before. If they can come up with billions for corporate welfare, can we not come up with billions for doctors, nurses, teachers and health care? Does that tell us there is a new way to think about money in our society? Maybe we have different things we want to do with the rest of our lives. If governments can change priorities, what would I do differently now – or, will I just go back to my old job before COVID-19?

Don Ryane


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Governments didn’t ” find” billions Don, they borrowed as against the future of generations of Canadians to finance the totally unnecessary shutdown of Canada . The initial projections of deaths, hospitalizations and mayhem were grossly inaccurate and the steps taken in “covid panic” have been more devastating than the damage wrought by this pandemic. Hundreds, perhaps thousands may die, but how many have died as a result of surgery, cancer treatments, etc cancelled while beds sit empty waiting for the projected casualties ? How many have died through suicides, domestic violence, substance abuse etc brought on by the “woe is me” mentality ride by the government? The economic damage of the blatant vote buying bailouts of every corner store through to every monolithic corporation at taxpayer expense will be seen in higher personal income taxes, increased GST, a provincial sales tax, tax on capital gains for the sale of homes , higher municipal taxes and more in the years to come.
The piggy bank is empty Don, Trudeau swung the hammer and the pennies are now gone. If you have an old job to go back to once the welfare payments by Trudeau stop as they must you had best toil away as you will keep less of what you earn from your efforts to help rebuild the piggy bank…as will your kids and grandkids. The new mantra will be ” Tax Tax Tax “.

How has covid changed our lives ? The days of navel gazing and contemplating “what if” have been rendered trivial as the realities of what has been done come home to roost.


govts have been borrowing away like there is no future since the 1960s. the money system is long broke, and it is a farce. just print it. perhaps one day we can deal with the crony, phony lenders appropriately.


Yes, and we can now welcome the onset of The U.N.’s Agenda 21-2039.