January 22nd, 2021

‘Old Favourites’ show cancelled for 2020

By Letter to the Editor on May 23, 2020.

Nord-Bridge Senior Citizens Association and the cast and crew of “Old Favourites” want to personally thank all of the theatre patrons over the past 10 years. We are grateful for your faithful support and amazed at your passion for live theatre at the Yates.

We are so blessed to have such professional local talent who are so eager and willing to share their talents. Jeff Carlson, Scott Carpenter, Erica Hunt, Jordana Kohn, Arlene Bedster, Andre Royer and Kelly Roberts have been performing “Old Favourites” since day one. Greg Paskuski added his musical and comedy talents and recently special guests like Kyle Gruninger and Ben Price have performed.

“Old Favourites” is a partnership with the performers and Nord-Bridge Senior Citizens Association. Between us, we share the earnings and this has become an important fundraiser for Nord-Bridge, The Friendly Centre.

Now, in the 11th year, we were raring to go with production No. 8, but then we had to reschedule to June 23, 24 and 25 because of COVID-19. The City has announced closure of the Yates until at least Aug. 31. That means that we have to cancel “Old Favourites” for this season and will try again next year! See you then!

Jim Hahn

Event Co-ordinator, Nord-Bridge Centre


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