January 15th, 2021

An attack on law-abiding Canadians

By Letter to the Editor on May 27, 2020.

The Nova Scotia tragedy was perpetrated using illegal guns from the U.S., and one illegal Canadian gun. Trudeau’s politicizing this with a gun ban does nothing to address the real problem: illegal guns!

Trudeau is spending millions banning legally acquired guns from law-abiding citizens, leaving nothing to address illegal guns flooding our borders. The vast majority of the 1,500 guns that were banned are not assault rifles, rather competition sportsguns, and include turkey/duck hunting shotguns, airguns, big-game rifles, even single-shot guns! There is already a regulation banning anything larger than a five-bolt clip, and these guns have never been used in any mass shooting; you got it wrong, Trudeau.

Some of these guns are worth $25,000, like those used by our Olympic team; now banned! A person had to take courses, pass an RCMP criminal investigation, buy an FAC (firearms acquisition certificate), have proper storage, then spend anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000 on a gun that is now useless! What an attack on the rights and freedoms of law-abiding Canadians; this must be reversed.

Jill Skriver


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You should have pointed out that the illegal Canadian gun was actually the service weapon of the RCMP Officer he killed, thus it as a legal weapon that was acquired by a crime.

John P Nightingale

Any attack using firearms fatal or not is an attack on the “rights and freedoms of law abiding citizens”. Correct. Just ask the families or survivors of Polytechnique or those slaughtered in NS.
Yes slaughtered.
Something along these lines has been on the Liberal agenda for months. The only way this is political is because Conservatives do not have the stomach to work on this.
And why is it that a hunter needs a semi – automatic rifle , unless its is to mow down an entire herd of elk or possibly, as with Las Vegas, a “herd” of humans?
The border is porous and needs better enforcement and effective legal judgements and incarceration but that does not negate the fact that assault rifles in all their variances should be and must be banned.
“Single-shot “guns are to be banned as well? My understanding is that traditional rifles used by ranchers and hunters are not on the banned list , so a clarification please .
Further, one aspect of the decision that has commanded wide spread criticism is that it does not go far enough. Several semi -automatics types were not on the list.


Yur wrong dude. Read the list. Semi-auto rifles yes but no “military style” weapons as used colloquially. Semi-auto just means single shot upon trigger pull. Big magazines, machine guns, sawed off shotguns are the scary weapons that Trudeau was conjuring up images of. But they have been banned for coming in 50 years. Trudeau’s banned list includes mortars, missiles, many modern hunting rifles and choked shotguns, an airgun or two and some that are not even “guns”. A total over-reach. And what happens to gunshops and gun industry staff – Trudeau’s order in council notes 10’s of thousands of jobs that it will eliminate and even more gun enthusiasts that it will foil. So what is the real intent?

Southern Albertan

Agreed…and, as far as the US of A is concerned, that nothing was done after 20 children, that’s 20 little kids!, and 6 adults were shot to death with a semi-automatic rifle at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, is beyond the pale.
The bad apples spoil it for everyone.

Fedup Conservative

So where are your facts to back your comments Resolute , nothing I have heard will back any of your comments and I belonged to the Edmonton Gun Club for many years. I haven’t heard any of the present day members voicing your concerns, so provide us with proof.