January 20th, 2021

We will get through this crisis

By Letter to the Editor on May 27, 2020.

We are engaged in an arduous war with a deadly enemy, the coronavirus. It is the greatest challenge humanity is confronting since the Second World War. The enemy may seem formidable but we shall win. All Canadians are fighting courageously with the best possible skills at their disposal. Isolation is the single most expedient measure if we wish to overcome the enemy.

Theresa Teerling’s bleak description and pessimism (April 29) does not serve any good; it is depressing and counterproductive. I want her and others who feel like her to remind themselves constantly that this catastrophic situation is temporary and will pass. I assure them that Canadians will not be broken and our personalities will not mutate and become dark.

Once this crisis is over, hopefully in months to come, the children and the youth will laugh in parks, people will visit their friends and relatives, we will hug and express love. We will go back to work, the workplace will be warm and cheerful.

In the meantime, we are not isolated and helpless. Thanks to technology, social media has come to our rescue. We can reconnect to people we had lost touch with (old friends and extended family), have long chats on the phone or laugh together on Facetime. It is a rare time period when families are together, bonding at home, children are finding who their dad is. When did we last see parents and children going for walks together?

Canadians are cheering and supporting one another through social media by sharing music, positive messages and their children’s acrobatics. There is a substantial elevation in community spirit, volunteerism, collaboration and an urge to help others.

No doubt it is tough for those who have lost jobs. Fortunately we have a compassionate PM who trying his best to help as many people as he can. But they must tell themselves that this crisis is short-lived.

After our ordeal is over, Canadians will emerge stronger, more compassionate and better humans than before. We will have learned that nothing is more important than human welfare. Unfortunately, there will be many who will mourn the loss of their loved ones All Canadians are with them to share their grief and send prayers.

Ramma Sawhney


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Ramma, chill on the virtue signalling. This is a globally contagious corona virus like many before. The difference is how citizens have allowed governments and media to shut down our lives. Deaths are trending to be a typical annual respiratory / flu season. We don’t know with any reliability what the stats are. Authorities are paying to assign covid as death cause in so many jurisdictions, possibly to increase their covid funding but hopefully out of some good rationale. Let us free. I need a haircut. Fellow citizens need to pay their bills by WORKING! No prior epidemic was responded to in this unilateral shutdown of private business and private activity. Not 1918. Not 1957. Not 2002. Life went on despite the deathrates that exceed this one by far. Because the alternative was economic catastrophe. Like now. Notice any cuts to government agencies while all “non-essential” businesses are locked down? Many have grown or been created. All are paid by you and me. We need to say this is enough. Take our lives back.