January 20th, 2021

Stop gouging seniors

By Letter to the Editor on June 5, 2020.

I am not a senior demanding more during the pandemic. I live in Alberta and am a senior demanding that the UCP stop gouging us.

First, I am paying more Alberta tax than last year. Second, I will have to pay $85 for my doctor to initial a form to say I am fit to drive at 84 years of age. This payment is a new Kenney gouge of seniors over 80 who are mandated to have a doctor’s OK every two years.

Since my doctor has all my records on his computer and since I get all my blood work done every two years and since I am not on any prescriptions, then all my doctor has to do is tick off everything. It takes him two minutes to tick off the boxes!

But I as a non-rich senior have to pay $85 for the privilege to drive my car about 5,000 kilometres per year! Thank you Mr. Kenney so much for getting rid of the carbon tax for which I received rebates equal to what I paid and for increasing all my taxes, insurance and more.

I expect a reply from you. I hope you don’t ignore my post as I am past your best-before age of 82!

Bob Defrain


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Fedup Conservative

What did you think Bob they would do to us when it’s a well known fact that’s what Reformers do best. Make the stupid people pay while we look after our own well being and that of our rich friends. The fact is you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you start paying a lot more for your health care and have to pay for using the provincial parks he’s planning to privatize.

Fedup Conservative

They attack seniors because they know they can. Per capita a huge percentage of support came from seniors and they know many seniors will support anyone who pretends they are conservatives. They certainly kept Liberal Ralph Klein in power and look what he did to us.

Dennis Bremner

I see you are still promoting the myth Fedup. Have you looked at the number of seniors in Alberta? I showed you the numbers and of course it ruins your story so you continue with the bull LOL


Drivers Medicals cost money. Deal with it. Be grateful you don’t have to do a driver’s test every year.


All medical services cost money. Why make seniors pay out of pocket? Makes more sense to make very wealthy people pay out of pocket for all of their medical services, at least they can afford it.


Sorry Bob not to much sympathy here for you!
Were you one of those seniors through life that thought you would live for ever never getting old? So planning for your (comfortable) retirement was a waste of time!

I know to many people that I have grown-up with that thought they would never get old. I watched them either pissing their money away or miss-managing it all-together. Only to start crying like you that things are rough and that daddy government needs to step-in and make things easier on them.
What you should be doing Bob is preaching to the younger ones that still have twenty or so years left before retirement looms to start putting funds away to help them transverse over to the senior years.

Sorry Bob just not buying your rant at all!