January 18th, 2021

‘Intellectuals’ opposing Alberta recovery plan

By Letter to the Editor on June 11, 2020.

Among the 265, 21 academia from the University of Lethbridge recently signed and sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau regarding their recommendations for economic recovery planning for Alberta and Canada, March 2020. You can read the whole article online but I extracted a few direct quotes from the letter to show you that in my opinion, I consider these “intellectuals” opponents of the intentions of most Albertans and Premier Kenney’s recovery plan for this great province.

The letter begins like this:

“As Canadian researchers in multiple fields related to the climate crisis and the economy, we urge the government to channel public revenues both to the immediate health crisis, and toward economic planning that will provide long-term benefits for Canadian workers and families, our ecosystems and the climate.”

They’re telling Trudeau to NOT support oil and gas, the economic engine of this great province. It goes onÉ.

“However, public investment in oil and gas at this time is a highly speculative proposition, and particularly unwise given the urgent need for strategic investments in economic recoveryÉ

“We call for federal leadership to support an economic recovery plan that encompasses a green transition, not stop-gap measures, with income security for workers and a strong public sector [more government, my words]. To ensure that the interests of all Canadians are served, such planning must be transparent, with the inclusion of representatives from all sectors of society, including unions and Indigenous communities. We have no more time to lose; we must stop investing in the past and start investing in the future.”

The people from the U of L who signed this letter are opposing the intentions and efforts of hard-working Albertans.

Charles Galambos


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It is interesting that the letter writer chooses to put the word “intellectuals” in scare-quotes. It’s not an insult just an implied one. Do you think that somehow negates their contribution? What’s wrong with looking at the future? What’s wrong with opposing the current government? What is wrong with doing something different?


Interesting letter but sadly not well informed. I am one of the faculty who signed that letter. The writer might have paid closer attention to arguments presented by many scientists and practitioners within and associated with oil and gas. In fact, the CEO of SUNCOR recently came out and said oil sands must adapt – and move away from producing fuels. EVs will crash the oil fuel market soon – forever.

Steve Bottrell



This is an honest question and I would be very happy to hear a great answer. If Alberta’s economic engine ceases to driven by oil and gas, what will drive it? An economy needs to produce something tangible from a natural resource to exist. What will it be?


What are your thoughts on advanced agriculture and food production?


If that question was for me, Fescue, I am certainly no expert on it but I think any new way of doing things that is honestly economically feasible would be great.


Jersey44. Mr. Galambos failed to include a link to the opinion piece he references in the letter. Perhaps the original authors would have some of the answers for your specific situation. Best, snout.



good to hear from you, snout…been too long.
anything that appears counter to “…Premier Kenney’s recovery plan for this great province” is the devil at play. kenney seems to have job to do, which is to cling to the dinosaur of the past, even though it is now largely irrelevant due to largely diminished demand for alberta dinosaurs. kenney does not have time to think of new ways to deal with the new reality. he must focus on giving away what is left of the raped public purse to the usual cast of cronies, whilst being sure to line his pockets with future favours from the beneficiaries. with all this to focus on, we can see why the last thing kenney needs is to have to deal with the likes of “intellectuals” being critical of “…Premier Kenney’s recovery plan for this great province.”

Tris Pargeter

Either a special lens or a solid, stubborn bias is needed to see what you see in those quotes.
Are Albertans not human animals inhabiting ecosystems that are also affected by the world’s climate?
Since you dismiss the science-derived consensus on what’s happening there, AND put the word itself in quotes, we have to conclude that you are ANTI-intellectual. That’s fine, but is it not churlish to be against people just because they happen to know more than you? Everyone’s good at something supposedly, why not give credit where it’s due? We all went to school. Recall how some were WAY better at it? Did you hold that against them then as well? I think we know the answer.
And you dismiss “more government” automatically as a bad thing. What exactly do YOU think has supported millions in this pandemic if not the government?
And again, 55% of Albertans is not actually a large majority, not enough to say “most.”


Great letter Charles! But by now we should of learned that Universities and their intellectuals have now become incubators for hate and revolution. The letter you quote comes as no surprise at all! The sad part is paid for from tax-payers

John P Nightingale

“Incubators for hate and revolution”?????? Exactly what planet are you living on J57?
The fact that the writer uses quotation marks would suggest that he views those contributing to the quoted letter are somehow “false profits”. Their only vice, is a collective concern for environmental consequences and the simple fact that oil, whilst still required for the immediate (read a decade or so) future , in the medium to long term , the world will/is moving on.


JPN. Thank you, That was my point in the first place. The use of “incubators of hate and revolution” is shocking in this context. All four of the signatories are experts in their fields, have ideas for discussion, and are exemplary members of the community. J57 is one of the reasons I stopped commenting. As I said, it’s vulgar.




So sad you would stop commenting here because of one persons views! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.


Only a one-trick-pony like yourself could articulate a threat from that post! Back to school with you waterhead!


What did you mean by it then?


That would be planet-real-life JPN!

John P Nightingale

OK, I’ll bite. Evidence that we should all know that “Universities and their intellectuals have now become incubators for hate and revolution.”?????????
You said “Universities” in the plural – meaning ALL Universities
You said that we should know they are all hot beds of “hate” and “revolution”.
To repeat, where is your evidence calling all such places are spewing out hatred , revolutionaries and left – winged rhetoric.
(You might also consider the rise of right – wing militias and despotic governments before answering.)


Oh for craps sake JPN! Woman studies courses, and others (drawing a blank on their names) that decry the so-called patriarchy and its oppression to Women who are hell-bent on over-throwing the patriarchy. Come-on JPN this is all nothing more than publicly funded “hate” and “revolution.” Not sure what kind of proof you seek for these facts! Since your mind is solidly engrained in your “left wing” narrative, nothing I could provide would be proof enough!

John P Nightingale

You have answered my question IQ57 and confirmed my previous opinion.
Nothing more to be said.


You are a moron jpn ! You don’t deserve caps! Your wee brain is solidly stuck in progressive mode!