January 16th, 2021

Can’t retailers get better surveillance photos?

By Letter to the Editor on June 13, 2020.

Re: “Police looking to pick up scent of perfume thieves,” Lethbridge Herald June 4.

Looking at the grainy picture accompanying a short explanation about how two very clever thieves who managed to rob four separate Shoppers Drug Marts on the same day of $13,000 of product, I wondered how Musk’s Space X from hundreds of kilometres outside the Earth’s gravitational pull can send back perfect pictures of two guys floating around their space capsule plus copious pictures of everything spacey but retailers on Earth can’t get a usable (clear) image of someone stealing them blind, mere feet away from the crime that’s unfolded, in four different locations. Unbelievable!

Those thieves are wasting their talent – they should be working for NASA or Elon Musk.

Alvin W. Shier


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I understand that there were similiar heists
in Saskatchewan and then Calgary, immediately
before the hit in Lethbridge. Like Mr. Shier states,
very poor images of the pair involved in the Lethbridge
thefts. I did notice, however that the two were
not wearing “Covid 19” masks….. strange, as that
would have aided their disguise, but with the
poor images, they never needed any disguise at
all! I wonder where in the world they will unload
these fragrances? Something definetly smells
in this operation!