January 16th, 2021

Mandate mask wearing

By Letter to the Editor on June 26, 2020.

Every country in the world that has been capable of substantially lowering the coronavirus has mandated the wearing of masks.

When will our premier have enough guts to take that step?

Seniors in Alberta have the right to be protected from preppy punks, haughty housewives and general fools who think they are too good to wear a mask.

Let us have a mandate so we can stomp out this dangerous virus.

Bill Longbotham


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How about Bill if we monitor closely all cases and if the curve swings wildly up then and only then mandate drastic measures like you suggest? This is not the time for over-reaction when cases have been heading slowly down-ward.

John P Nightingale

Mask wearing in public crowded spaces is one of the tools shown to reduce transmissibility. Suggesting waiting for a spike before “overreacting” is not unlike bolting the proverbial barn door after the horse has bolted.
Over 50% of the US states have now seen serious spikes. Not all because of non-mask compliance but that was one of several factors that have led to an uptick.
That statistic alone should reinforce the notion of mask wearing.


Is Lethbridge experiencing such a huge outbreak and negative effects that we need to resort to such drastic measures?

What do we have 10? 20? 0? confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Mandatory masks seems to be a bit drastic for something that doesn’t seem to be a big issue.

John P Nightingale

Thanks Donald T.


Agreed baxter! Lets over-react and do the lock-down thing again! That way we can snuff-out any potential cases that may or may not arise! And along with that give the economy yet another boot!
The risk in Lethbridge is low but to suggest we now mandate masks in public places is hysteria gone wild! But then again is that not par for the course for the loonie-toon lefties!


and then there are those who, if they were mandated to wear a gag, we would all be better off.


Proof and examples needed!

John P Nightingale

Our neighbour’s leader in DC would be a good place to start.


Start with the mobs in places like the now dismantled Chaz/Chop/Slop in Seattle, and then continue on with the business burning, looting and property destroying thugs. Make masks mandatory for them. When you’re on a mission of destruction it is time to lock you down with a mandatory mask law.