January 15th, 2021

Citizens have had enough

By Letter to the Editor on July 3, 2020.

Lead, follow or get the “h***” out of the way! This is the obvious statement being projected by more and more Lethbridge residents towards our mayor and city council, plainly evidenced by the growing number of petitions and demonstrations being organized and carried out by Lethbridge residents.

The majority of the citizen actions are aimed squarely at fiscal irresponsibility of our current municipal government. The populous has come to the realization that their voices and concerns are not restricted to the four-year cycles when they can cast votes, but “carpe diem,” seizing the day! (A good thing!)

Critical statements have been raised in relation to the operation and existence of the Supervised Consumption Site, and I dare suggest that citizen action has filled the void of the non-action of our mayor and for most of the current city council members. The positive result, an investigation, financial audit and forthcoming intervention by our provincial government. Similarly, gross spending of taxpayer dollars towards discretionary projects are being challenged by actively participated petitions, and rightly so! We are speaking to multi-millions of our tax dollars being squandered or so destined. Citizens have had enough and are resigned, prepared and willing to raise the flag.

City acquistion of the airport with $20-million-plus renovations pending, $2-million-plus appropriation to the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden Society, $1.7 million to a coulee trail, undetermined final costing to proposed 3 Avenue construction, 7 Avenue bicycle designation, and so on and so on… oh, and of course, raises to the mayor and city council members! The result is demonstrated once again in our property tax assessments. The residential tax assessments for Lethbridge continue to be one of the highest in Alberta, second only to Grande Prairie. Comparisons of property taxation of a residential home assessed at $350,000 in Grande Prairie, $4,202.92; Lethbridge, $3,989.20; Medicine Hat, $3,253.57; Red Deer, $3,432.85; Airdrie, $2,585.60; Calgary, $2,609.78; Edmonton, $3,264.00; Fort McMurray, $1,588.97!

Harold Pereverseff


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Dennis Bremner

Totally untrue Keagan. First of all, the audit will determine if Lethbridge is the busiest in NA. Why? Because Bourgue counted anyone that walked through the door as a visit. Secondly, Bourgue/Manning had about 136 unique “clients” (pg 10 of Provincial report ) per day and some of those visited as much as 4 times a day. Now, because of Bourgues unique ability to flip numbers around to suit the circumstances, no one knows for sure if the person visiting 4 times a day came in to use the washroom twice, got a hit once and then decided to shoot the breeze with the staff the 4th time. The Financial Audit is underway and I have no doubt it will turn up some rather mystical things.
So now we have established you work at the SCS Keagan with your threat of corpses laying around our streets if SCS closes. Its time to bust this myth once and for all.
A) Bourgue reports 1300 known users in summer 2019, she also stated via video that Lethbridge was gaining about 15-25 new users per month (her records show no increase but that’s another discussion)
B) As of summer 2020 if we just use Bourgues low number of 15 then 12×15=180 new clients.
C) So summer 2020 there are approximately 1500 addicts in Lethbridge.
D) Bourgues SCS visits per day of 136 unique users (Pg 10 of the Audit) tells you what YOU don’t want to hear as an SCS employee.
1364 users are NOT USING THE SCS, KEAGAN!
They are using Spearman’s newly created 100 Drughouses. SEE ANY CORPSES KEAGAN? If you do, then why would you assume that having 1364 users using DRUGHOUSES and not the SCS would reduce the corpse count?

Oh ya, thats right, “yur savin Lives” right?

Page 18 of the Provincial Audit of the Lethbridge SCS states
Pre SCS 1 death, After SCS 5 deaths within a 500M radius
Pre SCS 10 deaths, After SCS 30 deaths within a radius of 501m to 2000m
So could you amplify on how yur savin lives and killing the downtown please ? If Spearmans uninformed foolishness continues, would you be willing to keep track of the business corpses you SCS types like to ignore? I think not!

Just more smoke and mirrors, I have seen this so many times it sickens me but by all means keep trying to con the Residents of Lethbridge, but don’t try to con me, I have far too many T Shirts!

Pg 24 of the Audit on the Lethbridge SCS and I quote:

Most of the concerns the Review Committee heard
were directed at the operations of the site itself — how it is
being run, the behaviour of its employees, an apparent lack
of accountability, alleged occurrences of flagrant and open
criminal activity around the site, its isolation from the greater
community and several questions about the integrity of how
data are submitted. The Review Committee also heard from
some medical professionals that they would not work in this
place as it is “unethical.”

Seth Anthony


1) Not a regular member of the forum, but comes here to deliberately post one thing. Check.

2) Ignores the main thrust of the letter and singles in on one small aspect. Check.

3) Posts an over the top and outlandish “Won’t somebody think of the children” mantra. Check.

4) Doesn’t post their real name. Check.

All hallmarks of vested interest. In other words, an employee of the SCS, or someone associated with it.

Anyway Keagan, why weren’t there “corpses of victims strewn among the streets” before the SCS?

EDIT: Dennis posted while I was writing this reply. Even he saw right through the poster. lol

Seth Anthony

To add to what Dennis stated, I’m of the understanding that the employees of the SCS have no legal authority to pronounce someone dead. If that is true, then if they fail to revive someone and are they are pronounced dead by the responders in the ambulance or at the hospital, then the location of the death isn’t going to be stated as occurring at the SCS.

Seth Anthony


Questioning the integrity and motivation of an argument is a conspiracy theory? Questioning the legalities involved in a death pronouncement is a conspiracy theory?

I don’t think you know what a conspiracy theory is.

Seth Anthony

Fescue said,

“I think the good Mayor and council (but a couple) know that we live in a community.”

“Good mayor”. LMAO!

“We live in a community”. Well, well, well. Yet another one of your appeal to emotion logical fallacies. In our last conversation, just about everything you said was an appeal to emotion logical fallacy.