January 19th, 2021

Speeding, stunting on Mayor Magrath Drive

By Letter to the Editor on July 4, 2020.

I am bringing forward a concern and irritation that I have with the evening speeding and excessive noise from vehicles along Mayor Magrath Drive.

This chaotic choir of backfiring cars, screeching tires and roaring speedsters is not conducive to my family being able to spend time and enjoy our backyard. Some of the backfiring actually sounds like gunshots.

I am not sure if these car and truck and motorbike owners are aware of the negative impact they are having on other community members.

Debi Johnston


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yahoo, as in yahoos. must be the lead in lethbridge water pipes.

Seth Anthony

The males that deliberately make their exhaust system very loud are seeking attention due to low self esteem. They think the men are saying, “He’s such a cool bad ass!!”, and they think the woman are saying, “I MUST bed him!!”. In reality (and ironically), just about every man and woman is actually thinking, “What an immature and inconsiderate douchbag that’s trying to compensate for low self esteem and shortcomings in “other” areas.

If you can summarize all of that and put it on a sign on Mayor Magrath and 3rd Ave, it would solve the problem overnight.


When I was a young lad, I was also an idiot. Fortunately I survived and didn’t kill anyone. I always give youth a bit of slack just because; “Been there, done that”.I’m sorry!