January 24th, 2021

There’s no place for brutality by police

By Letter to the Editor on September 23, 2020.

People of a modern civilized world abhor impaired drivers, just as they should “no cash bail” for heavily funded bad people streaming in and out of the “system,” or publicly funded drugs and all else mandated to “save” dope addicts and the like.

Likewise, they should abhor police overreach and brutality. When five – yes, five – burly cops pulled a flyweight 18-year-old farm kid headfirst out of a mammoth tractor at the scene of a “game changer” draconian Bill C-46 “mandatory” drunk-driving test along Highway 2A near Didsbury, throwing the kid to the ground, pounding him, then leaving him cuffed in a sweltering squad car, if the video hadn’t surfaced, I wouldn’t have believed this could happen in Alberta!

In an era denouncing rogue police actions and activities, an era where those fed up with an increasingly amorphous system scream to defund public police services, holding as evidence inhuman brutality by thugs issued expensive publicly owned vehicles, firearms I’m forbidden and a badge of authority, etc., I’m beginning to understand the outrage. Why can’t officers understand they’re being watched and recorded, and straighten themselves up? Why doesn’t the government step up with meaningful recruitment and training, why doesn’t ASIRT step up, why don’t the courts step up É?

The prevailing tractionless government currently ponders the possibility of replacing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with a provincial police force. Don’t we have a loose-knit provincial force in the form of the Alberta Sheriffs department – the authoritative enforcement powerhouse few know much about? If how five overreacting miscreants representing Albertans and their law enforcement “service” along 2A with their guns, cuffs and authority, brutalizing the innocent hard-working farm kid, Jeremia Leussink, is any indication of how a provincial force might conduct themselves, you can colour me embarrassed, ashamed and damn mad I’m any part of the funding of it, or that the brutalization seen there is viewed in any way shape or form as serving or protecting anyone from anything.

Alvin W. Shier


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excellent points about police brutality/excessive force, and about the sheriffs that have so quietly creeped from being a revenue source as an issuer of tickets to another level of policing.
what is unfortunate in the letter is: “…or publicly funded drugs and all else mandated to “save” dope addicts and the like.” might the writer try to enlighten on the subject? affordable and quality control drugs are essential – just like alcohol. the writer has, perhaps, swallowed too many lies and propaganda dosed out by corrupted govts, policing, and enforcement agencies. the costs to societies over the last 100 years have been substantial, not only financially, but socially. drug laws and the war on drugs has proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be unethical, inhumane, and illegal in terms of human rights. the real dopes and dope users now are those that remain dumbed down from all the lies that has been the official narrative for far, far too long.


Yes that video is very upsetting and it’s easy to see the RCMP over-reaction. If that was my son, and it could be, we drive around the country in farm equipment all the time, I would be very pissed. But I would also be very upset with my son. When you are dealing with the law, the appropriate answers are “yes sir” and “no sir”, and doing what you are instructed to do. There is absolutely no upside to being belligerent or contrary when dealing with the police. That kid was told to get out of the tractor. He didn’t, and that’s what happened. Over-reaction? You bet. Do what you’re told tho, and there’s no black eye, no video and no news story. Just a ticket, or maybe even a warning.


Maybe. But I expect the youth was scared and overwhelmed. He did not intentionally disobey. Was this not like our LPS thuggery when they recently threw a young lady in a Startrooper costume to the ground and handcuffed her for the crime of advertising a cafe? That turned out badly. And have we heard what the police review of the police action resulted in? I haven’t. William Shatner nailed that one. Bullying incompetence.


Completely agree about the girl in the costume. Incredibly stupid. Yes the young guy was probably scared and overwhelmed, but he shouldn’t have been. He’s on the road in a machine. He should have known or be trained to know the rules and how to react. The vast majority of people go thru check stops and go on their way. No reason he couldn’t have if he had had a better understanding, and again, if he’s on a public road, he should have. Also again, I completely agree the police over reacted. No reason for that either.