January 22nd, 2021

Why stop acting with common sense?

By Letter to the Editor on September 23, 2020.

After my great-great-grandparents lost one of their sons in the trenches of the First World War, other relatives died in the flu pandemic of 1918. A couple of decades later, a great-aunt of mine died of TB. In the 1950s, a cousin contracted polio prior to the vaccination being available. He had a severely withered leg and never walked properly.

I am sure all their family members would have preferred the option of using hand sanitizers, staying socially distant, and wearing masks if it would have meant that none of them died or were maimed by preventable health conditions. Freedom to die of TB was not a movement back in the day.

Everything we in Lethbridge have done so far has prevented the spread of COVID in our community. This isn’t fear – it’s common sense. Why would we stop now?

Leslie Lavers


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thoughtful and well stated. the masks are a hassle – and i feel for employees that deal with their discomfort numerous hours each day at work. however, for most of us, the hassle and discomfort is infrequent and short lived each day. i suppose we are in a time where people that are entirely self centered are forced to confront their selfishness a little more.

Fedup Conservative

Well said both of you. It’s sad that we are hearing seniors saying that they won’t wear a mask, this is all a hoax. Like the guy in the U.S who told everyone it was a hoax and don’t believe it. His doctor pointed out that he had been in the hospital for 100 days and his change of surviving was very slim, but even if he did he was going to need a double lung transplant. He was in his 30s. .
As University professors have been saying for years these guys are losers, who can’t handle the truth, they aren’t man enough. They can’t believe the true facts but have no problem believing every lie this phony conservative feeds them. They still believe the Ralph Klein lie that Alberta is broke because we have had to send Billions to Ottawa and Quebec in equalization payments .You can’t be any dumber than that.