January 16th, 2021

Bin pickup decision is ill-thought

By Letter to the Editor on September 24, 2020.

Another questionable decision made by whomever in city hall to move bin pickup from the alleys to the front streets. Nearly 10 years ago, we and our neighbours paid to have our alley paved. It is wide, clear and easy to drive upon. We did this to provide easy and clean access to our property and back yards from the alley.

An added benefit is to provide good access for service vehicles and City equipment; for example, the garbage pickup trucks. There is ample room for these vehicles to drive in this alley, much less traffic and congestion than on the street in front of our homes. Excuses for moving the bin pickup were: safety for garbage truck drivers (what about safety for all drivers along our street, now impeded by start-and-stop garbage truck drivers); vehicles parked illegally in alleyway (if they are illegally parked, ticket or tow them); and people leaving bins out in the alley (again, if this is not allowed, deal with those involved; being fined a few times would fix this issue).

With our bins on the street, subject to normal traffic, winds, snowdrifts, City snow removal equipment, et al, I cannot see how this change will benefit anyone. Reconsider this ill-thought, one-size-fits-all decision and leave bin pickup in those alleys which are safe. Once, again, get out into the city and look at what’s going on, and talk to the people involved. Maybe then, your decisions would better reflect the needs of the people you serve.

Pat Thurston


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So how do you propose we end this and similarly malicious and irresponsible recycling, cyclepath, arts facility spends, bylaws and practices endorsed by our City Council? I agree with many saying they are totally out of touch. We need walk not talk.


Let’s start by throwing Chief Ribbon-Cutter out with the rest of the trash.


Could those recently switched from safe acceptable alley garbage pickup to front street with issues pickup simply refuse to comply? If the Herald, LNN & Bridge City cover it the City would have to reassess.

Citi Zen

Let’s make this an election issue next time. With the agreement that the Waste Services managment all be fired unless they use some common sense and correct this ridiculous matter.


could this come from developers lobbing for not having alleys so they can have more lots. they have already reduced the width of streets so with parking on both sides of the street only allows one lane of traffic


Now that opens up an entirely new kettle of worms. The City shouldn’t be clobbering developers so badly they need to do this. In turn, we can reduce the cost of housing by getting the City to stick their noses elsewhere.


Thank you for shining your light on this obvious issue. In my opinion, parking our garbage on the street is very ill-considered… something very common in trailer parks. It makes our beautiful neighbourhoods look so trashy.


I agree 100% Mr Thurston, they moved my neighbourhood to the street on July 1st this year for as far as I am concerned no legitimate reason. I put my cart out the night before as spots in front of my home are gone by 6 everyday because of a home business across the street(another subject, another day). In fact my garbage has been skipped due to people parking too close to the bin. I have a doublewide paved back alley. I hope this issue continues to be raised.