January 22nd, 2021

Don’t judge others in mask debate

By Letter to the Editor on September 24, 2020.

Let me just start off by saying “Wear a mask or don’t wear a mask but, either way, do not judge or ridicule those who choose to do the opposite of you.” I personally choose to wear a mask and was doing so before the City of Lethbridge mandated mask wearing in all indoor facilities.

To all those anti-maskers out there that feel their rights are being infringed upon, I ask you, why do you think your rights supersede those of us who choose to mask? I’ve seen people sharing information from both sides of this debate. Those who choose to not wear a mask still expect businesses and people to provide them services and say that it is a violation of their rights to be refused. What about the rights of the person that is being forced to serve you? They may feel unsafe so it should be within their right to refuse you face-to-face service? Perhaps that person wearing a mask is a member of the vulnerable portion of the population. Perhaps they are afraid of contracting COVID-19 from people that choose not to wear a mask.

None of us know the long-reaching effects of this novel virus and we likely won’t for a long time. As the pandemic continues we are all getting tired of our changing realities but we need to protect our vulnerable and stay as safe as possible. No one could have predicted it lasting as long as it has or know how long it will continue. Let’s all remember how we faced this pandemic in the beginning and we stood united. As time goes on we are becoming divided and cruel to others who have different mindset. One of my favourite sayings and motto I try to live by is “In a world where you can be anything, be kind!”

Gail Shaw


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We do know 9 months effect of this plandemic. Medically and mortality-wise it is minimal. The vast majority of deaths attributed to covid have been admitted to be due to other causes but were attributed to covid per WHO and sycophant governmental directives. For example the US CDC admitted only 6% of the then 161,000 US deaths quoted for covid were due to covid! That was under 10,000 and that is much less than the typical US annual flu and respiratory deaths. Covid has proven to be a paper tiger. Except in media, government action and global hysteria. Wear a mask if you are so fearful of government “laws” and social pressure. But it does nothing good for your health or mine.

John P Nightingale

Your assertion that it does “nothing good for your health or mine” is incorrect.
Your aversion to government intervention be it local or federal clouds your reasoning. Masks are not perfect, no one is saying that but they help the wearer from exposure and more importantly, they can minimize risk of spread. Most people understand this.
No doubt you are averse to seatbelts, helmets and prohibitions for smoking in public places. All a result of overbearing, intrusive and anti-liberty multi levels of governments.
Taking measures now prevents a return to 6 months ago when ICUs were overwhelmed with Covid patients and nursing homes had disproportionately large numbers of fatalities.
Have we learned nothing?


What ICU’s were overwhelmed? Until 2 months ago zero so-called covid cases had even been admitted to our Chinook hospital. Lethbridge stats per today’s LH are 167 total covid cases with 165 recovered and 2 deaths from our 100,000 residents. I knew 1 of the 2 fatalities and he was ill and compromised from well before covid so not correctly a covid death. I do not have specifics of the second. Do you know anyone that has covid? Do you understand that cloth and surgical masks have essentially zero efficacy against the 0.8 micron virus particles? They are like a screendoor in a submarine. No scientific basis for their use whatsoever. Simply virtue signalling with the government and media opinion substituted for science. A competent veterinarian would be expected to understand. Has the sky fallen on your head?

John P Nightingale

You point out (more or less correctly ) the size of the viral particle. Fact is , you have glossed over the transmission of C19. WHO, CDC and medical journals suggest that transmission is greatest when in the form of droplets which contain the virus. These would be in the region of at least 5 microns such that a regular surgical mask filters them out or at least reduces the numbers that would otherwise be exposed. Not 100% but with a surge on the horizon and flu season approaching, reducing transmission even though not perfect is the scientific and moral thing to do. (Along with distancing and hand washing). In Australia, they have have had a virtually flu free season – why? Because of Covid preventative measures including masks. Certainly the uptake of flu vaccination has helped and hopefully people here will recognize the benefits when the vaccine becomes available. Same can be said for the Covid vaccine whenever one becomes arrives. Until then, perhaps the freedom to not wear masks and so contribute to Covid cases, will prevail amongst some members of our population.
That Lethbridge has few if any hospital admissions related to Covid is completely moot. Maybe check the stats for Detroit, Rome, London etc etc. That is the point of prevention/reducing exposures to keep the health system from being overloaded.
These measures are not the draconian complete lockdown measures initiated initially and I for one would not advocate for a return to that. Mask wearing is but one way to avoid to even return to discussions of another mass quarantine/lockdown.


False information unless you can prove that the 704 ICU beds in AB were overwhelmed. The usual from you.


This is interesting:

The point seems to be that ICU tends to run near capacity. Any additional surges due to, let’s say, a pandemic exacerbated by armchair health experts, would require more capacity.


Does censoring useful studies prove they are right? Silly wabbits!

Last edited 3 months ago by Resolute

Getting a lot of down votes, Karen, nobody is buying your fringe garbage.

Kal Itea

Respect others, wear a mask when within 2 meters of another person.
Read only respected advice from scientists.
Don’t believe what kooky arm chair experts say who read crap on the internet.


Why? Who made you our expert or our mom? Maybe try reading some scientific papers and real expert recommends.


Quite the value system: freedom to be inconsiderate.


 “”Maybe try reading some scientific papers and real expert recommends.”” – just don’t read the bs ‘alternate’ facts Resolute gets sucked into.


Pardon? What alternate facts? Please feel free to supply any that support the efficacy of wearing a cloth or that cheap “surgical” mask to stop a virus. Just think of the waste of our time and resources consumed by this covid charade. And the lack of courage and principles exposed.


I could present lots of info, but you won’t accept it, so why bother? You fear loss of control, so you whine. Bottom line.


Resolute = purposeful, determined and unwavering. closed minded.
Naaaaah…..too easy.


how about shutting down the news media which sensationalized covid-19. we had more deaths from opioid overdoses than we had from covid as well as more pressure on medical intervention


Yeah…..its not a contest. Many bad things health wise out there. doesn’t mean that it is “sensationalized”.


I am going with common sense, real science and real experts and … facts. Is your choice as obvious as it appears?


Here is the media bias evaluation of your ‘off-Guardian’ site: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/offguardian/

As for the Oral Hygene article for dentists, it seems that the point of the article is that there is little research in this area of personnel protection.

Last edited 3 months ago by Fescue

nothing wrong with caution when we do not otherwise know enough.
as for usual zombies that always worry about the economy more than all else, it is only money. but, alas, healthy people and a healthy planet mean nothing compared to money.


I drive for a living and meet a lot of people in all walks of life so I get a wide variety of opinions on this topic. I met a woman that is a x-ray Technician at our hospital. She told me that people are dying on a regular basis at LRH from covid-19 to which I responded with “WHAT. Why haven’t we heard anything on the news about it? This would be national news on a regular basis.” She insisted that this was true!
Not sure what or who to believe anymore but wearing a mask when you can’t social distance should not be a big deal! Takes a few seconds to put on and take off! Off course if you need to wear it for eight hours or more that would get very irritating.

Would it not be better to be on the side of caution (and wear the frikken mask) rather than risk a all-out out-break and a chance at over-whelming our hospital!


i felt a little tickle of dampness in one of my eyes upon reading your comment…could it be because we agree on something?! also, like you, and no doubt, many others, i feel there is an underwhelming amount of information around covid to date. so much “coverage”, and so little substance…so typical of “news” the last couple generations. are those deemed recovered fully without effect of and from covid? or, do they include people with ongoing damage? how many/what % of those diagnosed with covid have ongoing adverse effects after being covid free? we get new covid numbers, and deaths and recovered… and the daily does of premiers from canada’s two largest provinces. mostly superficial stuff: where is the real info? why is there no real info?


May I offer-up a tissue paper for you?

John P Nightingale

😯I agree with the final statement !🙂