January 21st, 2021

Wearing a mask isn’t much to ask

By Letter to the Editor on September 24, 2020.

There are a number of people who feel that the compulsory use of masks in certain public areas is an infringement of their civil rights.

The COVID 19 pandemic is a world war, in 212 countries. By the end of the month we will have 31 million cases and one million deaths, with a mortality rate above three per cent.

My parents lived through the Second World War. They had some restrictions on their freedom, but there were a lot of product shortages they had to deal with. And they also had the fear that my father would get transferred out of naval operations centres to a combat situation and have to battle the Nazis or the Imperial Japanese Army. These restrictions and shortages and fears lasted for six years.

Wearing a mask in some indoor situations for the coming winter is a lot less to ask.

Allan Wilson


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Baloney. And unmerited control. Exercise your power and do what a careful review of the facts indicates. Do not consent to be deceived.


Wow. Just……Wow. Why so angry? Why so mean? POTUS…..is that you????


Do not sentence yourself to bozo-dom. There is no big conspiracy by mask manufacturers. Don’t believe me? Go talk to your Doctor.


Resolute = Karen


I agree. Nobody wants to wear a mask but I’m not willing forgo the inconvenience and sentence hundreds of thousands to death in order to achieve herd immunity.


the headline is in error due to the statement “ASK”. It is not “ASK” it is “DEMAND” under penalty of “LAW”. The truth or lies about masks has no bearing to this. The problem is the “DEMAND”. I do not have a problem with masks per se, it is the fact it is “DEMANDED” of me to do so. Next , because of a recent breakout of STD’s it will be “DEMANDED” that we wear condoms And the debate would be how safe they are.