January 20th, 2021

Voicing support for City’s mask bylaw

By Letter to the Editor on September 25, 2020.

I am in favour of the City’s mask bylaw.

I believe that often you only hear from people who are complaining about what the City is doing. I thought you should hear from someone in favour!

I don’t really understand why so many people don’t want to do everything possible to reduce the spread of this virus.

Because of the mask ordinance, I will come to Lethbridge to shop rather than shopping online. I am trying to support the businesses that are still open.

Just saying.

Barbara J. Vallance

Fort Macleod

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Common sense should prevail, but you’re still going to find ‘Karens’ out there.

Southern Albertan

Agreed…Perhaps, there should be another reminder of what the science says about masking with regard to the health professions frontline now wearing a mask for the entire shift, and, when patients are on isolation in a care setting, a main component of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are masks, as well as goggles, face shields, gowns and gloves. What is says, are, that masks are, effective, and are used not only for protection of the health care staff but for the patients as well, including a very pertinent department of care: the operating room.


Yes you are right, your side is a minority yet you are demanding a majority to wear these masks. Is that democracy? You say we should do everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus. What about actually taking care of our health? Most people don’t seem to mind that part. Wearing masks and using hand sanitizer are actually harmful for your immune system. Perhaps try cutting out sugars of your diet instead.
You honestly believe those who are against masks want to harm others? We all have vulnerable people in our life’s and ofcourse want to keep our loved ones safe. Taking away our freedoms is just not the way to do it. Also how deadly is this virus really? The media came to use with scary videos and skyrocketing statistics. But guess what, ever heard of framing? And of the saying: truth, lies and statistics?

They scared us and I too fell for it. Luckely I’ve gotten some of my common sense back, by now. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but your government and mainstream media don’t care about you. Open your eyes and use your God given instincts.

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“Wearing masks and using hand sanitizer are actually harmful for your immune system. Perhaps try cutting out sugars of your diet instead.”

Thanks, Karen.
I’ll stop eating my mask and drinking hand sanitizer.


Looks like you have no idea what the term Karen means. But you still thinks it looks pretty fancy throwing it around.

I agree that the person who wrote this article is somewhat of a Karen, demanding us to wear masks. The other person is actually just telling her why her statement isn’t worth much.

This person actually has a point.
Masks and hand sanitizer are not going to keep you healthy. A healthy life style will give you a better chance.


Karen is a kind of person who is unhappy when things don’t go their way. They lash out because they fear a loss of control. They say stupid stuff and pass misinformation. All of these idiots shall feel the Karen label.
Masks and hand sanitizer are PART of the battle to mitigate the virus. Get it?


I am glad to hear Fort Macleod does not impose an illegal mask bylaw but that will encourage me to shop there whenever I travel through. Our Lethbridge businesses continue to suffer with the governement restrictions and those remaining will appreciate your business. I trust you will equip yourself for your travels with an approved Covid-proof mask. It weighs about 2 pounds though and does not protect your eyes, ears or other viral-entry pathways on your body.


^^^missed the point entirely. ..smh.