January 16th, 2021

Different rules for different groups of protesters?

By Letter to the Editor on September 30, 2020.

After reading about the group of people led by Lee Mein holding an illegal protest, not wearing masks, not practising social distancing and crashing the council meeting, I decided to contact the mayor’s office to inquire why these people that have no regard for the law were not charged or fined for their actions.

I received a reply from the executive assistant to the mayor. In part she stated the following: “The City of Lethbridge endeavours to focus on education as opposed to enforcement in directing citizens to comply with the bylaw. As you can imagine, attempting to fine 60+ individuals in the situation that occurred would present a great challenge.”

So, good people of Lethbridge, apparently if we gather in a large, intimidating group to protest any bylaw the City of Lethbridge may impose upon us, we are exempt from said bylaw! We may ask the City to educate us rather than face a fine or some other form of punishment. As I pointed out to her, when we held the legal protest against the SCS, we respected the amount of people that were allowed inside council chambers and were told by the mayor if we said one single word, we would be thrown out. Different rules for different groups of people, I guess.

Doug Cameron


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yup – it is amazing how rubbery-subjective are the application of laws and policies. not to change the point of the letter, which is spot on, it reminds me how simple individuals are subject to fines for common littering – which is great – but big corps, even though they have been ignorantly determined to be “persons” by the high court, get to soil and pillage pretty all want. hence, the legacy left to alberta citizens by big oil.


haha! the net minus 2 to my entry makes me laugh. it is easy to guess who takes issue – the usual that love the double standard whenever that approach can be used to support one’s position. for that type, even acts of fascism are fine so long as it supports their views.


biff: I don’t even bother with the comment section anymore as it just turns into a sh%$ show. Too many trolls and super right wingers for me.

Fedup Conservative

You guys have nailed it. A lawyer friend used to say. Their is nothing dumber than a senior who goes around pretending what a great conservative he is and bashes Liberals, while he supports Ralph Klein a well known Liberal. The truth is Klein was not a Liberal or a Conservative he was a dictator. A Reformer a right wing extremist and he didn’t care who he hurt.
As my father would point out. They vote for the conservative name and make up their idiotic comments to try to defend their stupidity, leaving themselves with egg all over their faces.


true enough, doug. like yourself and fed up, it appears numerous other thoughtful writers have also pulled away from here. whereas we may not always be in agreement, at least the brighter entries come with substance, rather than simple weak opinion. it leaves me saddened that there are so many that would forgo the basis of freedom so long as it serves their opinion. the herald also has begun to control entries with a curious if not altogether heavy and controlling hand. been a pleasure 🙂