January 22nd, 2021

We need to care for all citizens

By Letter to the Editor on October 8, 2020.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the headline article of Wednesday, Sept. 23 entitled “Illegal camps a concern for City.”

Our city is made up of many residents. There are those (many City managers) who make six-figure incomes. They can go home at night to a warm bed, safely socially distanced, good food to eat, etc. There are also many others, less financially secure, but still with a warm bed, food, safety, etc. Then there are those others who cannot find affordable housing (no warm bed), cannot find a decently paying job, who may have various health issues, etc. It would appear, from statements in the article, that those people need to be cleared out of the community. While admitting there is a need for more homeless shelter space, more affordable housing, etc., little is happening.

Instead the City spends money on making it more uncomfortable for these residents. Hire someone to clear out the “illegal” camps, the sleeping outdoors. Money is also spent on cutting down every shrub or caragana in Henderson Park, the running track park, Indian Battle Park, etc., in case someone might find shelter there. I see volunteers from Streets Alive checking on people sleeping outside to make sure they are safe and have food and water. I don’t see City staff taking care of their needs, nor do I see The Watch caring for them.

I’m discouraged by the negative attitude (even some city council members) that many members of our city express toward the homeless. The prejudice toward “others” is disturbing. It’s time to clean up our act and look after all of our citizens, not just the “right” ones.

Frances Schultz


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Dennis Bremner

Well you couldn’t have spent as much time as you needed to think this through if that was the amazing conclusion after “great thought”

Last edited 3 months ago by Dennis Bremner

excellent thoughts, fs. the difficulty is so many people cannot get over themselves: so much better, so much smarter, so much more deserving, so better able to work around or bury their challenges…so poor at compassion and the idea of walking a mile in another’s shoes, as the old saying goes.
our system not only tramples on the planet, in a cruel and unsustainable way, it also tramples on people. our system is a leviathan, always needing more land and more people. and just as bad, it cannot reward everyone decently, let alone even close to equally. the disparity in earnings for those that have jobs is a disgrace. city managers, school superintendents, lawyers, accountants, politicians…they are just the tip of the issue. ceos, athletes/entertainers, lenders and manipulators of the markets and currencies – utterly unacceptable.
so, here we are in a crisis – whether fake or real – and now all are being asked to be considerate: the old “we are all in this together” bs. but, we are not all in this equally, or equally enough. the dignity and quality of life of far too many who struggle with life due a vast variety of circumstances, the homeless, and those who work hard for far too little, had been affected for a long time prior to covid. they have been victimised by exploitation and greed. they have been punted aside and scoffed at, and disrespected as afterthoughts or nuisances or lesser quality beings. but now, “they” are in this together. they are being asked to care as if they mattered, as if they had enough skin in the game…as if.

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What you seem to be missing is that the homeless are being forced out of their shelter buy drug addicts who are doing what ever they can to support an $80- $100+ habit instead of providing for themselves. Many people would like to have and would be able to live on $3000/ month/ net or $4300/ month Gross. And, unfortunately those same low wage earners are supporting these addicts through taxation and social services.

Citi Zen

These people don’t give a rat’s a&& about the rest of Lethbridge residents, or the ciy parks. Why on earth do you keep giving them so much sympathy? Let them come and live on your farm!


not sure what you are talking about? i refer to a a far wider spectrum of humanity than the addicts and homeless you seem too good for.