January 17th, 2021

Compassion lacking in city

By Letter to the Editor on October 10, 2020.

I am disappointed and sad at the lack of compassion that Lethbridge citizens have developed. It seems we have gone from our old small, friendly city to a big urban centre, where everybody is anonymous, where no one knows their neighbour or cares about anyone but themselves.

Fact is, because we are now a large urban centre, we have the social problems that entails. But please, let us all try to be tolerant, understanding and care about and for each other. Walk a mile in their shoes. Help others instead of criticizing and judging.

Elaine Martin

Picture Butte

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Yes, we are compassionate and that has got us to NUMBER ONE in crime in Canada.

John P Nightingale

If you are going to contribute to a letter, then a little fact checking would be in order.
Lethbridge is not “#1 in crime” as you trumpeted.
Indeed the stats are not good for the city but to exaggerate for affect is unacceptable.
According to Maclean’s, we are number 15 when “All Crime” is considered. (N Battleford is in the unenviable #1 position). Granted if you simply consider “Other Drug Trafficking”, we are #2 , definitely a sad statistic and nothing to be proud of. “Robbery” places Lethbridge at # 41.
To repeat, it is perfectly OK to rebut but cynicism and incorrect information does little to advance your cause. Neither does a cherry picked statistic.


You can spin the obvious until it comes around and bites you in the ass! Lethbridge has changed and for all the wrong reasons! SPIN THAT!


Enabling them is just as counter-productive Elaine!
Yes Elaine “Walk a mile in their shoes” but at the end of the day give them a hand-up rather than a hand-out!


And what exactly represents a ‘hand-up’ in your worldview, j57?


Does not matter what I say you bleeding-heart Liberal types will always have a excuse for them within YOUR world views.
How about you? Do you have any ideas worth exploring that might help their situation?

Fedup Conservative

It is hilarious watching these clever seniors trying to pretend what great conservatives they are by calling anyone who doesn’t agree with him a Liberal when they are the ones supporting one.
Thanks Johnny for giving us all a good laugh. Still can’t provide us with any true facts to back your idiotic comments? As the university professors in our world have pointed out over the years they are losers, who can’t handle the truth, they aren’t man enough.


Can’t help but lump you in with these bleeding-heart-Liberals’ FC!
The only difference I can see is we know when you are off your Meds! You repeat yourself over and over again like a skipping LP!

John P Nightingale

Useful analogy. A skipping LP IS OF FAR SUPERIOR QUALITY AS EITHER A TAPE OR CD under any circumstance.

Fedup Conservative

As lawyers have taught us over the years these guys have absolutely nothing to back their stupid comments and it frustrates them because they can’t prove we are wrong and they are right. They also aren’t man enough to admit it when they are wrong, like many others have done. We are hearing people saying they wished they hadn’t supported Keneally. But you won’t hear Johnny admit it .


LOL you are correct JPN, I say turf the CD’s and hard drive’s-BRING BACK THE LP’s!


still far too many immature louts that cannot get past or over themselves. i suppose thinking about others is difficult because it requires thought.

Last edited 3 months ago by biff
Fedup Conservative

A retired doctor pointed out to a group of us about 20 years ago that him and a few other doctors had discovered that a large portion of their patients who went around praising what Klein was doing to us ended up in nursing homes with dementia . He believed their thinking was being compromised by their hidden health problem. It may be true.