January 17th, 2021

Harper prorogued Parliament, too

By Letter to the Editor on October 15, 2020.

With regards to Rachael Harder’s rant in Friday’s Herald where she wrote “Trudeau shot everything down by proroguing Parliament. It’s absolutely shameful.”

She is aware, or should be, that when Stephen Harper’s minority government, facing a non-confidence motion, he prorogued Parliament, shutting everything down. It was absolutely shameful.

She goes to great length praising Conservatives but in Alberta we had over 45 years of Conservative governments and just what the hell have they accomplished?

During these trying times of global warming and COVID-19, I’m sure the government has more important things to do rather than sitting in the House being continually attacked by opposition members hungry for power.

Mel Godlonton


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He did that to prevent the country being over run by the three stooges. Failed miserably as look who is in charge now.

Fedup Conservative

Our family was die hard Conservatives for 30 years and proud to support them. Loughheed’s energy minister Bill Dickie was a brother in-law of one of my uncles. Family members spent countless hours volunteering for them both at the provincial and federal levels, yet we were smart enough to see what they had become. In fact as some of my MLA heroes from the Lougheed government taught me that you can’t trust any members of the Reform Party, spreading lies and looking after their rich friends is what they do best, and that’s exactly what we saw. Harper’s lies about the Income Trusts cost my sister $23,000. after she had spent about 20 years volunteering for them. Canadians lost $35 billion we were told. Then by catering to his rich friends he took Canada from a $19 billion surplus to a $151 billion debt which is why he was dumped and this clown Trudeau was elected. Then we watched as Canadians weren’t dumb enough to elect another Reformer so refused to elect Scheer and I doubt they will elect Reformer O’Toole. Apparently they have been smart enough to know the difference between a true conservative and a reformer, so why haven’t you? Klein using Reform Party policies deliberately destroyed what Lougheed had created for us and look at the mess we are in and Alaska and Norway aren’t.. Our family had known his family since the early 1960s and even his father Phil and daughter Angie tried to help us vote him out, so why didn’t you?.
Now Jason Kenney another Liberal turned Reformer , like Klein was is deliberately destroying what Notley created for us and will certainly put people’s lives at risk like Klein did. He almost killed my father.
So why aren’t you trying to help the true conservatives in my world put a stop to what this fake conservative Reformer Kenney is doing to us? The side survey shows that 72% of Albertans don’t agree with what he is doing to our health care system, do you?

Dennis Bremner

The two faces of politics. When Phillips speaks up and rants, its “doing her job”, when Harder speaks up its shameful. So we know what side of the fence you are on “Mel”. You neglect to mention that when Harper Porogued there was great outcry from the Libs and Mr Dressup Colored Socks himself said he would NEVER do such a thing…..and yet….he did and did so to avoid the WE investigation. So no side in politics is as pure as you claim the Liberals are….they all come from the same Trash Pile

Fedup Conservative

So you still aren’t smart enough to determine the difference between the true conservatives and these fake reform party ones and those of us who don’t think like you are the bad guys, we get it. While we are smart enough to try to stop them we have to fight guys like you who see nothing wrong with what they are doing to us. How ignorant are you?
We have all been through this before and saw guys like you lose their lives because of what Klein did to us and listened to his supporters whining about not being able to get medical help when they needed it thanks to the huge shortages he deliberately created.Of course they blamed it all on the doctors and nurses just like Kenney is doing.
Some of us are smart enough to be concerned about what this Liberal turned Reformer in Jason Kenney is planning to do to us like the people on the side survey are, so why aren’t you?

Southern Albertan

As ongoingly, the “Mouseland’ story still applies, i.e.the Liberals and the Conservatives portrayed as the white cats and the black cats, all cats, and not so good for the most of the rest of us, the mice. The toxic back and forth between these two, with all of their proroguings and scandals over the years has become more, than tiresome. Time to shake things up. The fallacy that there are only two political parties in Canada, federally, is a false dichotomy.

Canadian Patriot

If memory serves me correct, I don’t think Harper was trying to avoid another conflict of interest investigation with possible criminal outcomes.