January 17th, 2021

Planned health cuts a further blow to working Albertans

By Letter to the Editor on October 17, 2020.

Not unexpected really after the UCP corporate tax cuts. How else do you pay for the loss of revenue?

Mr. Kenney promised 55,000 new jobs with his cut in taxes? Was the UCP calculation also made with the inclusion of these 11,000 Alberta health-care workers’ cuts in mind? How did they come up with that precise amount?

Mr. Kenney should now tell us how many new jobs came about by these corporate tax cuts from a year ago, before we were hit with the pandemic. Surely these corporations rushed to hire workers with this bonanza news.

I read in the news our unemployment rate is over 11 per cent now. A great deal higher than with the NDP government that at the time Mr. Kenney complained about with misrepresentation of the facts.

So if I have worked out the situation correctly, 11,000 health-care workers will lose their positions that pay a living wage for themselves and their families. They will now have to apply to work at a private company. These companies will no doubt make a substantial profit, as they will, in my opinion, now be paying workers minimum wage.

Mr. Kenney, how many other ways are there for the UCP to help Corporate Alberta? Mr. Kenney, how many other ways are there for the UCP to denigrate the working people of Alberta?

First provincial parks, now health-care workers – who or what is next?

Josephine Aristone


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Well first of all they are not health cuts. You are confusing doing the laundry with a health professional. Twenty some years ago laundry and cleaning was outsourced to the private sector. While you bemoan the loss of good paying government jobs you show no deference to the private companies who lost contracts with hospitals and military basis, thereby losing their income, employees etc., to those “good government jobs”. Who do you think pays for those good government jobs. That would be the private sector.

Fedup Conservative

How do you explain the fact that when Klein privatized the road maintenance MLAs from the Lougheed era told us that the costs to the public increased by 300%. How come when they privatized our power industry our costs went from the lowest in Canada to the highest and we are still paying the second highest next to Ontario. The fees that were added doubled our costs and electrical engineers pointed out that Albertans were paying more for their so called cheap coal fired power than areas were with their much cleaner natural gas. How come when they privatized our vehicle registration fees they went from $35. to $85 the highest in Canada and our liquor prices went to the highest. How come when hey took the controls off the insurance industry we became the second highest next to P.E.I and now Kenney has given us the highest. Then there is the long term health care fees that more than tripled for seniors. Members of our family spent $10,600. per month for five years. Could you afford that? All thanks to this idiotic idea that they have to dump the costs onto the backs of the public while they give away our oil wealth and increase tax breaks for their rich friends and apparently guys like buckwheat don’t care. Maybe buckwheat would like to tell us how much he is going to be prepared to shell out to help us pay for the Orphan Well mess that I was involved with prior to Klein changing the regulations to benefit his rich friends?


Money drives so many daily decisions as we are all looking for that bargain. We shop at Walmart Amazon eat at McDonalds and watch Netflix and feel proud we are saving money. This government makes every decision based on money but ya, we now are upset as it does hurt people. But people will not change and start shopping local so why should we expect anything else from our government. And my examples are all big USA companies so profits leave Alberta and Canada but we are proud we saved a buck or two at Amazon. There can be one person companies calling themselves a corporation but when I think of corporations I think of big business and Alberta only has the oil and gas and that is a dwindling industry. So the UCP will cut tax and try to stimulate business the NDP will increase tax and add more government jobs that make the numbers look better. But really folks, Alberta is now a big big have-not province and will not change for the better in the next 10-20 years no matter what party is in power.

Fedup Conservative

So how do you explain the fact that Alaska and Norway are able to generate billions of dollars annually by collecting proper royalties and Alberta isn’t ? Those of us who had ties to the oil industry knew what was happening to Albertans but got called all sorts of names by our fellow seniors who wouldn’t listen to us.

Not only did Alaska increase their savings account by $1.3 billions recently , over the past five years every man, women and child received some $6,000. In annual oil royalty dividends . They pay no state taxes and their property taxes are next to nothing. It proves how badly Albertans have been cheated out of what was legally ours.

Trevor Tombe economist from the U of C proved it in his study” A $575 Billion Missed Opportunity Haunts Canada’s Oil Heartland”

All the idiotic comments in the world can’t hide the fact that Albertans have been cheated by phoney conservative governments helping their rich friends get a lot richer at our expense, as lawyers have been stating for years.


I am thinking Kenney is in the US billionaires pocket, as they salivate taking over Alberta business . . . Warren Buffet already has large footprint in Alberta, with his Bershire Hathaway;s ALTA-Link which provides electrical transmission through-out Alberta and his $200 million wind farm in south-east Alberta near Medicine Hat . . . see all the activity in the Lethbridge coulees near the high level bridge, look at the white tracked vehicles with cranes . . . they say ALTA-Link, a Bershire Hathaway company . . . they want to dominate the green energy in Canada just as they did the petroleum industry.
Kenney has sold us out . . . most of the medical clinics are operated by a US company already!

Fedup Conservative

You have certainly nailed it. We were told that Klein sold our power assists worth $7 billion to AltaLink for $2 billion and they in turn sold it to Warren Buffet for $3.2 billion. Who got screwed the Alberta people of course.


Yes Berkshire Hathaway is investing in electrical and renewable energy companies not oil and gas. Oil and gas will be around for awhile but Alberta better quicken its pace of getting off oil and gas revenue as its primary source of income. Hopefully someone is smart enough to develop a strong transition plan. Alberta cannot survive an all or nothing plan As for medical clinics the only big clinic chain I know of is Medicentre and they were sold in 2016 to an USA company but that was under the NDP watch. and just adds to my comments about Walmart Amazon Netflick profits leaving Alberta and Canada


Alberta WAS investing in renewable energy and the R&D, using money from the form of carbon tax it has had in place for 20 years. Unfortunately, the US billionaries like the Rockefellers, Bill and Melinda Gates, the Hewlett and Packards, and more have been pumping money into the protesters to shut down major oil and gas projects and pipelines. We will be ‘dependent’ on oil and gas for at least 25 years and we could have used the green investments to be a leader green energy in Alberta, but the people that wanted to dominate green energy decided they would not allow that to happen!
Monies pumped in to Tides Foundation, New Ventures and other organizations paid the protesters and filled them with disinformation, and other training on how to shut down projects and pipelines. There is a long list of those paid, including many FN communities, with even Idle No More being paid by them!
This government was supposed to prevent that with their ‘War Room’ . . . but it appears it was ‘infiltrated’.
Alberta has been under attack for several years and sadly no one is paying attention.

Fedup Conservative

Apparently you have bought into the lies Jason Kenney has been feeding you. Where is your proof that these firms have been attacking Alberta’s oil industry. Those of us who had ties to the oil industry prefer to believe the oilmen who point out that if there were any truth to Kenney’s lies why aren’t our oil executives whining about it? It’s all fake news to fool Albertans who are dumb enough to believe it, is what we are hearing. Can you prove we are wrong, Kenney hasn’t been able to , which is why he has done nothing.

Fedup Conservative

Would you kindly provide some proof that the NDP sold Medicentre to a US company in 2016. No one in my world, even ones who worked for our various governments know what you are talking about? What did we miss?


Read carefully as I wrote they were sold in 2016 but that was under the NDP watch and in context was replying to ewingbt and the comment that most medical centres are operated by a US company already
and not a very complicated google search many references but listing just one
Sale of Rexall Health to McKesson Now Complete

Wed, Dec 28, 2016

Dear Valued Rexall Customers and Patients,
Today, it was announced that the sale of Rexall Health (inclusive of Rexall/Pharma Plus, Medicentres Canada and Claimsecure Inc.) to McKesson Corporation is now complete. With this announcement Rexall begins the next chapter in its long and successful history as one of Canada’s most trusted and reliable names in retail pharmacy.

Fedup Conservative

Thanks for clarifying that. Unfortunately we have seen far too many Canadian firms sold to American Corporations because our low dollar encourages it. As those of us from the world of finance understand you certainly can’t blame it on our governments. We saw all sorts of it during the long conservative reign. I agree with you it’s sad to see it and wish it wasn’t happening, but we have no one to blame but Canadians for supporting it and I can’t blame them. Everyone wants to save money and these huge corporations with their massive high volume buying power can provide items at a lower cost , as they are doing.