November 29th, 2020

Having no say is slavery, too

By Letter to the Editor on October 21, 2020.

Recently Owen Holmes wrote about slavery – the legality, the justification, the servitude, etc. According to Mr. Holmes, “slave labour is still in use in North America” – agree! A retired fixed-income person whose utilities, food and cost of their simple existence exceeds or equals their income – is a slave.

A while ago Lethbridge civic administration signed on to spend a small fortune discussing a recycling program, consulting “experts” as far away as Largo, Florida and Superior, Colorado. Thrown in occasionally was the community they pretend to serve. After the sandwiches were down the drain and the champagne corks were helping heat the “precious landfill,” they proceeded the opposite of what was expressed by the vast majority who loudly pelted administration with what they did and didn’t want. Forced slavery supports this example of wasteful, undemocratic governance.

Another example: When a project to widen and pave a short section of a roadway (University Drive) takes two years to complete, and the make-work centre downtown decides to pour hundreds of thousands of your tax-derived monies into a massive, useless and unnecessary concrete dividing island containing hundreds of trees, shrubs and plants (mostly all which will die from heat in the summer or salt piled on them in the winter), there’s slavery involved. That slavery is in the form of those who will endlessly pay to maintain the stressed, decaying and dying plants, trees and shrubs.

All we needed was a wider road to service the community! We’re slaves to this waste by virtue of the fact those who pay for it more often than not have absolutely zero say in the waste. Rinse those soup cans – capture all the cardboard – but ignore the monetary and environmental cost of hundreds upon hundreds of yards of concrete, industries pulling it all together and the dead trees and plants! How dumb!

One need not be in prison to experience slavery. The morally void among us see to that! There are moments one has difficulty distinguishing the bars on the horizon from the bars on the door.

Alvin W. Shier


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I disagree with you what slavery is but agree 100% with the giant toilet bowl this cities infrastructure planning has become. Having dealt with the circus that 28 street north and university drive was i wonder what the thinking was. The newest one is the extension of the corners on 6th ave south. Please tell me why this was a priority when 1/2 the paved alleys in this town are falling apart?

Mine developed a frost boil 2 years ago and proceeded to develop a hole you could lose your car in. It took 9 months to fix and the gentlemen across the alley from said they did a piss poor job fixing it. He’s a retired city roads worker, he should know, and it stated flaking badly this year. My son’s is in worse condition and his block has a ton of 4 plexes on it. No wonder they don’t want to take garbage trucks down it, but that’s another discussion.

I can’t wait till they decide to twin scenic drive North down to 26 avenue north. That should take 2-3 years minimum, right?

The problem we have is council doesn’t run this city, the managers do. Council doesn’t even want to get involved. Try dealing with these departments. They say the bylaws say this or that, tough luck. Who writes these bylaws? The department managers! Council just rubber stamps them.


gs172 you are correct City council just rubber stamps management bylaw which they draft a prime example is The Bylaw 6146 present to Council by the then acting City Solicitor is is doubtful Council even read the bylaw. The acting City Solicitor presented a increase to waste collection fees of $7.00 no mention of residential curbside recycle collection rate. The only mention of a $7.00 residential recycle rate is with the multi- family ,condos etc. Look at your monthly billing do you see a residential curbslde recycle collection fee like other Cities ,NO. Pardon me there is a $3.60 fee for recycle depots. So City council approved the rate also the Waste bylaw which wiped out the previous recycle bylaw ,that is their only jurisdiction Waste Management “Engineer” is given total authority over the bylaw by City Council. But , Citizens should have a concern of misappropriation of user fees allowed by Council some $4.3 million dollars is involved the bylaw application on rates do not meet the legal requirements.The required public purpose is not properly stated in the bylaw. Who wants to get involved in a action against City Council and Waste Management ? Speak up.

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