November 25th, 2020

Virus not as lethal as fear is making it appear?

By Letter to the Editor on October 23, 2020.

Why would people like Lee Mein, Michelle Vanderkooi, and more, take the time to stand their ground and exercise our freedoms? Defiance of fear.

Coronavirus case numbers rise, but still there’s little said about viral severity. Ventilators, tacitly, were mostly not used. But last spring’s fear is kept current, even as the virus itself wanes in potency.

At Wayne State University, Mich., researchers discovered that by August, up to 90 per cent of positives carry “barely any virus” and don’t require quarantine.

A University of Maryland School of Medicine paper Aug. 31 announces, “SARS-COV-2 is undergoing profound genomic changes that make it less virulent and infectious”: “Our analysis shows the emergence of a deletion in nsp1, one of the most important determinants of pathogenicity of SARS-COV-2.” Prolonged summer exposure weakened it. The researchers call for broader specimen collection to map the emergence of its strains.

The pandemic’s less lethal than fear made it, and claimed fewer lives than opioids or isolation. But no policy revisions match these updates in our knowledge.

Instead, governments act subversively: Justin Trudeau issues a gun ban without Parliamentary process. B.C. and Ontario absolve themselves of liability for any lockdown-related injuries. Even Alberta grants its ministers emergency powers, without legislative oversight, in Bill 10 – all behind a viral particle, slowly degrading beneath the ultraviolet Sun.

Then there’s internet censorship: an Aug. 29 CDC page quietly updated the American CV-19 death toll, without comorbidities, as 9,210. That page as quietly went 404. Medical doctors who used hydroxychloroquine (with zinc) had video uploads removed and their social media accounts frozen. Big corporate tech approves widespread apprehension, not therapeutics.

The mask mandates assume widespread contagion, and that’s really not true. But the panicky huff their exhalations until hypoxia takes the edge off, and maybe that’s why masks calm them.

The rest of us don’t like the ongoing fear for the same reason we don’t like being subverted or lied to. Exercising our expected standard of freedom, and nothing less, is the best way to communicate our expectations. A mask protest is one place to start.

Tom Yeoman


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At least we’re getting a short list of the local ‘covidiots’. The best thing to do is listen to health professionals instead of deluded messes like Tom Yeoman.
So much obvious garbage in his letter, I wish I had time to address it, but off to work I go. What are you doing for work, Tom? Sleuthing the internet?

Dennis Bremner

When, or if, you are ever sucking on an oxygen tank in ICU, I hope they get you to re- read this letter

Fedup Conservative

Apparently Tom is another one of these senior deniers who can’t handle the truth. What would he say to the families of loved ones who died because of it. Too bad it hasn’t effected me and I don’t care about you. That’s the same sort of reaction I got when Klein almost killed my father with his health care cuts.
Ignoring the facts and the number of deaths isn’t something he cares about, the seniors in my world certainly do.

John P Nightingale

The writer brings up interesting points but contrary to his assertion that like Donald Trump, the virus will go away or is less virulent now than before, are not born out by the majority of medical opinions. (Studies claiming decreasing in severity, failed to account for the age of the patients.)
We can argue or debate the severity until we are blue in the face (no not from mask wearing hypoxia) but we are in a second wave which together with flu season, means greater potential stress on the health care system.
Mask wearing is a simple measure beside washing hands and social distancing . Those like Yeoman who feel this is an unwarranted intrusion of their personal liberty, ignore the facts supporting mask wearing as being preventative and selfishly deny others their right to be protected.
There are no doubt those professionals who state otherwise, (Dr Atlas, Trump’s guru springs to mind) but most European and North American medical authorities would disagree with these persons assessments. Science supports mask wearing as a tool even though it is not 100%. Reducing spread makes medical sense. It is now recognized that wearers themselves can be at least partially protected.
Until a vaccine comes along, it is three simple measures laid out by Drs Henshaw, Fauci and others that will reduce the risk of enduring further lockdowns. If lockdowns such as those witnessed in the spring were to be repeated, then that would be what should have been an avoidable and devastating scenario.
I am sorry Yeoman feels so grieved by draconian intrusions into his personal life but a little consideration of the bigger picture would be in order.

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