November 28th, 2020

Let Albertans have say in health policy changes

By Letter to the Editor on October 24, 2020.

Mr. Kenney has made a serious mistake in making a lawyer (Mr. Shandro) the health minister. Most lawyers define their profession as confrontational. The Minister of Health definition is more one of healing, more one of negotiation, like a property manager. If we hire a property manager, we do not expect him to bulldoze the buildings and put the property up for sale.

Mr. Shandro’s policy of union-busting and redefining our health system seems more like shyster tactics – changing the contract after the hiring process. Mr. Shandro and the UCP did not run in the last election on a policy to privatize our health care, or create “War Rooms.” I believe the UCP and Mr. Kenney’s promises were about “job creation.” If they wish to redefine their job, they need to put it before the public in a referendum, or a new election. I dare the UCP and Mr. Shandro to put his health policy changes before the court of public opinion, in a referendum.

How about it, Mr. Shandro, are you prepared to ask Albertans to support your new policy through referendum, to public approval? If you are not willing to support the people you were hired to serve, you are ethically committed to resign. I believe there is precedence. There is clearly a difference between serving an economic theory and serving the Alberta population’s health. Please do not play politics and duck the real issue, which is that you swore to serve Albertans, not your private agenda.

Albertans are part of a cross-Canada health system. Ask them if they want a disaster like British Brexit, or the American privatized mish-mash. Conservative “freedom” demands informed public consent, not sneaky back-door deals from foreign money laundry. Ask Albertans, I double-dare you, Mr. Shandro.

Don Ryane


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Fedup Conservative

Well said Don. They wouldn’t dare they know Albertans aren’t that stupid. Some of us still recall what happened to Klein when he tried it his own party forced him into early retirement.
I still remember his comments: “Albertans aren’t smart enough to understand our plans for health care reform, so we aren’t going to tell you what they are”.
It insulted many of his own supporters which wasn’t a smart move.


Indeed, Mr.Ryane. The Emperor’s New Clothes aren’t fooling anyone anymore.


Very well said!!! And totally agree that we need a referendum about changes to healthcare and many other changes on the UCP’s agenda.

Dennis Bremner

I find it interesting that people readily see the days of the Old Oil Boom are over. Yet they seem to think the money generated monthly from the Oil Boom is not?
No one wants cuts in services, me included but, I think its time to discuss revenue streams, have not province, and where the cuts AS WELL AS where the new tax load is laid to even keep a partial service system intact.

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