December 5th, 2020

Put money into treatment, not illegal drug site

By Letter to the Editor on October 28, 2020.

Wake up, Lethbridge … the snake oil salesmen from the SCS continue to spew lies to sway public opinion and gain support and funds after our city bluntly said we do not want you here!

The ex-SCS band continue to spew misinformation, stating we “need” this site because the numbers have dramatically increased due to lack of services. In fact, almost all of the overdoses were before the closure of the SCS!

Just as they misled the public, they now run an “illegal” site, spitting in the faces of the community that do not want it, all while applying for a legal licence to run their illegal site.

They should be charged for all the disinformation they spread when open! They said just prior to the Alberta government audit they were seeing almost 800 people per day, but just weeks later under AHS eyes, they were only seeing 130 people per day! You all know the reason for the disinformation. Where are the funds?

This council has done nothing to shut this down … no surprise! LPS stands back and allows users to shoot up, even though this tent has no exemption licence to allow such activity. Police continue to fail our citizens!

The SCS was a party palace, like a nightclub, only open 24/7. The entrance fee, not money, just do drugs! The word got out how much fun it was with music, rec room, pizza, Timmies, etc. and it attracted innocent souls from nearby communities who soon ended up on the streets in the perpetual machine that slowly killed them, if not by overdose, by related diseases.

Young people who had dreams of love, families now on the streets dying with no hope!

Your son who goes to college is not going to go to a SCS across town to try drugs! You are dreaming! Seventy per cent of fatal overdoses are where the person lives! Effective treatment is the only way to stop this!

Vancouver DTES, 20,000 people where the first site opened in 2003, has pumped billions into the problem, without stopping it!

Imagine how much success they would have had if those billions were put into effective drug and mental-health treatment programs!

Barry Ewing


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Right on letter that represents what most citizens feel. The entire operation has been mismanaged since day 1 and our hard earned tax dollars squandered ! Why no word on culprits like Stacey Bourque and others who had a hand in stealing $1.6 million dollars? No one in their right mind would give out expensive drug paraphernalia and goody bags filled with muffins and juice boxes to drug users without proper intake and requirement for treatment. Users have never had to divulge their name; health care number, place of residence etc. Talk about backwards thinking and a slap in the public face! All this has done is enable druggies to use the system as a party central with no incentive to clean up and be a productive part of society. While they engage in reckless behavior and dirty up our town with their bad vibe, we chase after them with every resource available to no end; no appreciation and no solution; just money poured into a black hole. Time we recognized this is destructive enabling on our part and that a new strategy be implemented called ‘tough love’.

Citi Zen

Well said Barry. Cheers.

Dennis Bremner

Well said Mr Ewing! My prediction is after the 175 beds are created, there will be an initial mad rush. Within 6 months 60 will be empty and the Shingle Hangar Society will state the “drugs are just too addictive” to cover for their cluelessness! Anything and everything will be stated, justified and promoted for the individual who is never asked to show ANY level of personal responsibility. Its why the shingle hangars of UofL and a few uninformed doctors go out of their way to justify, “its all on society”. The Addict, he/she is here to be served “cuz they gotta disease”! A designation created by the same group of shingle hangars!

Last edited 1 month ago by Dennis Bremner

Very well said Barry.


Bravo Barry. Each of those “people” is costing the taxpayer a minimum of $6000 a month to keep them alive, not counting theft losses. We have functioning families that are living on this income and also paying taxes to support the”diseased zombies”.

Kal Itea

phlushie read this:

Hate speech falls under Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

Under the heading “Willful promotion of hatred,” Section 319.2 states that “every one who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group” is guilty of a criminal offence.

A lawyer would say that you have committed a criminal offence: “diseased zombies”. Think before you put you name on something. Think hard…


Don’t ask him to think. He’s a cowardly fool.


I take it you are a high priced lawyer. Not! You have no clue what you are talking about and are only spouting complete garbage. Grow up!


Kal: Lets do this. You bring charges against phlusie for hate speech. You can include me as well. Come on. Let’s see what you are made of with your “I know everything about the law” Let’s do it! I don’t agree with plushie many times but you are just smoke and mirrors. So, I’m laying down a challenge right here and now. Put in a complaint about hate speech. Let’s go! I’m waiting.


Funny thing, seeing you interpret my comments as hate, I suggest you look in a mirror,

Seth Anthony

There is no “promotion” of hatred. For that occur, something must be incited. Phlushie has not promoted, nor incited anything.

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