November 28th, 2020

Let’s stop fighting and provide treatment services

By Letter to the Editor on October 29, 2020.

For decades, the detox centre in Fort Macleod and the Lander Centre in Claresholm have been the only options for residential addictions treatment available to people in our area. They still are – even though we have seen this drug crisis developing for years if not decades.

A couple of years ago, I heard a Lethbridge police officer say that cocaine use in Lethbridge was two-kilo per weekend – not all of it used by people who ended up in our parks.

We all seem to agree that wrap-around intox/detox/addiction treatment services are what we need – so maybe we should all stop yelling about this and do it!

Leslie Lavers


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Many of us want effective programs in place, because we know enabling addicts generates more addicts, slowly kills them and few decide to make changes in their lifestyle when all the paraphernalia is supplied, 2 meals per day that are better than many seniors eat, free clothes, food banks and a shelter. The adapt soon to the lifestyle created by enabling them!
I am not sure if you meant ‘couple of years’ or a couple of decades! I would disagree if you think cocaine is the big problem, which many would prefer, since it doesn’t devastate the lives of the users, their bodies like Meth and Opioids do.
Meth and Opioids are the drug of choice the is killing so many, grieving families and seeing the raping and pillaging of our cities as the addicts commit crimes to feed their addiction.
Our parks have been taken over by addicts, needles can be found in many of our parks and it will never end until we get rid of this SCS sites with people like Tim Slaney, who spews disinformation across Canada on Podcasts, inflating figures and falsely accusing citizens.
You should really do some research, because the treatment needed to be successful takes 12-18 months and there are many more treatment ficilities in place or in the process of being built to treat the addicts!
When you have a group of people with little training in your local park, playing doctor, without the credentials and telling people they is no drug use occurring in their tent, and witnesses have seen otherwise, and they falslely accuse the residents in the area trying to protect their families . . . and Council and other leadership such as LPS command stick their heads in the sand and allow the criminal acts to continue . . . people get mad and say we have had enough!
If the LEADERSHIP of this city would do their jobs . . . the citizens would not have to jump in to protect their families and neighbourhood!
This group has applied for an Exemption which would allow to operate a tent in any park they want . . . including near you, since I can assume you are not from Lethbridge, since you are not aware of what really is happening in this city.
They could set up in Henderson Lake park, Nicholas Sheran, any where in the region and the number of tents could increase, attracting addicts to your area where they commit crimes to support their addict.
It would be safe to say, many in law enforcement would and fire/EMS would love if it were only cocaine! These drugs on the streets emaciate bodies in months and destroy their brains, their lives, the lives around them, while devastating their families!
Effective treatment and firm law enforcement is the best way, and getting rid of illegal sites that disinform, misinform, falsely accuse while operating live saving services without proper training or credentials. They are endangering the very people they think they are helping. More people are dying from these sites then would without them with effective treatment and policing programs in place!!
I would be more than happy to show you around this city and all the areas many people do not see as they drive by in their busy lifestyles!
But one thing is for sure, if we allow this tent, which is not needed here anyway, more will pop-up and be seen in your neighbourhood . . . that is the idea of a tent . . . it it mobile . . . so wake up people and start telling government you don’t want it and shut it down now . . . too many have died with this mad experiment that has failed miserably with 1,000’s dead in BC after 17 years of them operating there!


Nice letter, Leslie.

You may think Barrie’s response is unhinged, but you should understand that he’s gone months without sleep, holding vigil in his back yard in fear that The Tent might pop up there.

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