December 5th, 2020

Voicing support for Red Crow College

By Letter to the Editor on November 6, 2020.

I would like to address letter to the editor written by Grant R. Harrington, Oct. 29.

As a non-Native person I find it very interesting that there would be such a concern about our Native neighbours getting a nice new learning facility for their people with help from the government. Many colleges are run by religious groups and the government helps to fund their facilities. Why would we want less for the Native communities? $28 million of tribal dollars has been invested into this campus.

Mr. Harrington suggests that this school will be in direct competition with the established colleges in Lethbridge. Red Crow College has been operating for over 30 years and has offered accredited programs and benefits for Native students. This is not a new venture for our Native neighbours. They also work in close collaboration with the University of Lethbridge and the Lethbridge College.

Red Crow College currently has six PhDs who are educators at their college, as well as elders from their community. The student base for Red Crow College is very large and includes other bands and peoples that are wanting to attend. They have beautiful schools from kindergarten to post-secondary education that have operated for years. Mr. Harrison’s comment regarding the future demise of this facility is nothing but racist, ugly and ignorant.

It was suggested by Harrington that there are residences and funding already available to Indigenous students at established colleges; haven’t we learned anything from the past? Indigenous people were basically forced to take their children out of their homes to be educated by churches, priests, nuns, ministers; paid for by government. This was from grades 1-9 and they lived in residences away from loved ones and their communities. After 150 years of sexual, physical, spiritual and cultural abuse, attempting to eliminate their native language, basically genocide, I believe this funding is a very small investment into decolonizing and reconciliation.

May I suggest that if you chose not to educate yourself on the past, present or future of Native people then don’t express your ignorant, uninformed opinion publicly. They are strong people who have suffered generations of trauma from colonization and they are working hard to solve that for themselves. The Native culture is rich in tradition and skills and the culture is striving and thriving with or without the support of our communities.

Margy Witbeck


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Kal Itea

Well said Margy Witbeck!

John P Nightingale

Well put


Grant Harrington hit it on the nail – this is yet another ‘make work’ project – a complete waste of money and he gives many reasons why. Bringing out the racist card is wearing thin. This is about tax payers right to demand that their hard earned money is respected and not frittered away. If natives want a college for ‘their people’ time they cut the apron strings and did this on their own. The tech college we built them up north sits empty today; it was a brand new multi million dollar facility for apprenticeship training and more. It’s one of many examples of ‘us’ building ‘them’ costly new buildings from housing to educational facilities and more only to see them get run down and destroyed before our eyes.


What’s next ‘chinook’, you no longer want Edmonton or Ottawa to continue helping fund the U of L and Leth College? I know several young folks (who happen to be Indigenous) that attended Red Crow College and now have very good careers.

Tom Johnston

No worries about someone playing the racist card, you took care of that all by yourself.


hmm, angry at giving money to a school that supports skill building to help a person become self reliant and useful to others; did not see you spout out against the war room; and the, one is left to wonder at what stage of development is a person that cannot find their heart.


Yes Margy they are strong people that have suffered much because of colonization! But lets keep things in context! They were not the first nor will they be the last to be conquered and colonized. Like it or hate it! That’s just how humans roll.


The thing is, johnny57, you are only 50 per cent correct. The Indigenous peoples in what is now called Canada suffered and continue to suffer from colonisation. However, they were not conquered. Treaties have been an essential part of the relationship between both the French and English colonisers and the Indigenous peoples. The Treaty relationship is a formal relationship entered into by two or more nations. However, the colonial commissioners involved with the securing of Treaty 7 with the Kainai, Piikani, Siksika, Stoney and Tsuu T’ina were not honest in their negotiations. In fact, in 1879 Catholic missionary Constantine Scollen was so concerned and troubled by how Treaty 7 was being implemented immediately after it was negotiated, he wrote a letter to then NWMP Commisioner A.G. Irvine outlining the failures of the government in living up to their Treaty obligations. To “keep things in context” then, one must begin from a foundation of truth located in the historical record. Of interest, the Calgary Public Library has posted an extensive reading list. This may be an excellent place for you to begin.


thanks for the thoughtful entry.
not sure, but i do not think j57 will read any of the titles to be found via your link, unless they have minimal writing and lots of pictures, kind of like: see dick. see dick run. run, dick, run!


As usual nothing but immature slurs’ and labels from you biff! I read everything on my own time. I drive most of the day for a living and do all my social media from my lap-top at home so time is always in short supply while you sit on your fat-ass at home sucking-up government benefits! You need to go out and get a job and experience real life. You use the name dick a lot, are you trying to say there is something in your life that you are missing?


j57 – your entries tend to be loaded with intolerance, ignorance, and even hate; kind of never do you have an intelligent or researched foundation upon which to base your often smarmy remarks here. you know little of me in fact, other than my perceptions of things, and yet you make assumptions, again, that come without basis.
not sure when else i used the name dick on here, but dick and jane stories have been used with success for a long time to help people learn to read. but, perhaps that is not the issue, reading, and instead it is more an issue of open-mindedness and decency? of course, dick is also used today in a manner that has nothing to do with being a name, and more as a way to call out nasty behaviours and attitudes.

Last edited 24 days ago by biff

Who the hell are you to tell me or anybody else what content they should have in their posts! You need to come down from your holy-than-thou mountain! I am sure YOUR comments are all researched, you have to do something with all that time at home sitting on your fat-ass! I know more about you than you know! SO GROW UP!


haha! never told you or anybody what they can post – you are free to write and think what you will; however, i am just as free to agree or not. and, how do you know that i have a fat ass – you been checking out my ass?
better question: why do you disagree with money going to red crow college because natives are conquered and colonised people?


When did I not agree with money going to The Red-Crow Collège???? As usual your high and mightiness puts words in others mouths! Must be the weather and covid combined that has made you brain-dead! As far as your fat-ass is concerned, on the SMV scale you are not even a one! So don’t worry about me checking-out your fat-ass any time soon!


Well at least you seem to be intelligent enough to know “when you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen” which seems to be exactly what you have done!


Nah, he just knows better to ignore a jackass like you. Ignorant blow-hard. Go drive yourself around the block a few times, ‘driver’.lol.


Your still a IDIOT waterhead! Somethings just never seem to change! Do they?


You’re, not ‘your’, STUPID!


DUH! Great come-back waterhead! Idiot!


your first response to the writer is not only void of support, but it is further entirely dismissive of the issues raised by the writer. if you agreed with the writer, i believe you would chosen to state as much. do you agree with the writer, johnny? or, as per your first entry, must we remain condemned to an ignorant past from which we should not strive to evolve?


I ask you once again! When did I not agree with money going to that college. This time with-out all your bibble-babble!

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