December 5th, 2020

Parents need to obey rules

By Letter to the Editor on November 12, 2020.

Parents! We must do better. We will do better!

One of my favourite sayings is: “If we take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.” Well, parents, we need to take care of a “little thin,” and we need to start today. Every day I arrive at my kid’s elementary school, and every day I see parents blatantly teaching their kids that school rules are meant to be disrespected.

If we as parents, adults and community leaders cannot be bothered to follow the simple parking rules outlined at our children’s elementary school, what chances do we give our kids? The signs clearly say: “No Parking.” They do not say: “No Parking, unless it’s inconvenient for you to park down the street.” The signs clearly say: “Drop-Off Zone – Driver must stay in vehicle.” They do not say: Drop-Off Zone – Driver must stay in vehicleƉ unless you’re running late.”

Next time our inner voice says “well, everyone does it,” we must remind ourselves we would never let that excuse fly with our kids. In fact, our child so much as uttering that sentence would likely make consequences worse. Parents, we are going to lead our next generation by example, starting today! We are not going to park in the “No Parking” designated spaces and we are going to stay in our vehicles where designated. Yes, even on days when we are running late, or it is -30 with windchill. We expect our kids to respect the rules of the school and it starts with us. We may disrespect the rules in all other areas of our life, but this is our kids, so we are going to get this one right.

Finally, I will leave us with this. Every day I watch as a dad with a special-needs child respects the rules and parks in the designated wheelchair space 70 feet from the door. All the while, it is a race for other parents to see who can get the coveted spot right by the door, despite the visible “No Parking” signs.

Parents! We must do better. We will do better!

On behalf of all the parents who respect the rules of the school, even when it is not convenient.

Kyle Paterson

Lethbridge born and raised

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Nail, Head. Good stroke. Everyone take heed and do the right thing. Forget the thought that it is only illegal if you get caught, and if you don’t get caught it is OK.


Parents have disobeyed school rules here (and probably everywhere) for decades but heaven forbid they ever speed or go through a red light.

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