June 20th, 2019

Boost for education, green energy

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on January 11, 2019.

The new year brings with it hope that the 2019 will be progressive and productive; that our economy continues to rebound as it has in 2017 and 2018; that our children continue to be educated in positive learning spaces where all are respected, valued and kept safe; that our health-care system continues to improve.

I went for some annual lab work this week; I arrived at 6:20 a.m., took my number and was all done and walked out at 6:40. Thank you to all the staff at the hospital community lab for your efficiency, professionalism and I barely felt the needle!

As the year begins, I am thinking about education. I recently received an invitation from Lethbridge Public School District 51 to participate in a town hall event. It was a very interesting event last time I attended so I plan on going again this year. The purpose of the town hall is to seek feedback from parents, teachers and stakeholders to assist the district and the Board of Trustees as they explore actionable strategies for the district. They will then be reviewed during the planning phase for inclusion in the Education Plan for the District. I think this is a very good exercise for parents, teachers and specific stakeholders to develop a deeper understanding of the education planning process in the district.

One can never underestimate the power of a good education, great teachers, supportive parents and school districts/boards that bring it all together. We have, I think, the best and most dedicated teachers in this province. (I may be a little biased). We have school boards in this city and region that are focused on our children now and for the future. I have visited many of the schools in the city (and in the region) whenever my schedule allows. I have been part of opening new schools, renovated schools and sod turning for new schools. Our province is growing, our city is growing and schools and the learning that occurs within them are an essential part of that growth. If you haven’t been inside the renovated Wilson Middle School, the new St. Theresa of Calcutta, or the new playgrounds at Agnes Davidson or Park Meadows, you must pay them a visit. I suspect you will see, as I did, that they are nothing like the schools of the past. They are built to encourage and empower learning. I am so happy to be part of a government that knows the importance of education and does our part to support it.

Under the leadership of Rachel Notley, our government is investing in Lethbridge schools after the PC government failed to build a new school in south Lethbridge during their entire 44-year run. As an MLA in this city, I take seriously my role in making sure provincial tax dollars actually return to Lethbridge in many forms, and schools are a big part of that. Our school boards, educators, students and parents deserve the investment.

Last month, my colleague from Lethbridge West, Minister Shannon Phillips, had a very exciting announcement: five new wind projects as part of Alberta’s Renewable Electricity Program. In total these projects, which are derived from private investors, will create about 1,000 jobs and will generate enough power for nearly 300,000 homes. One of the projects in southern Alberta is the Stirling Wind project which is being done in a partnership with the Paul First Nation and Calgary-based Greengate Power Corporation. The second project is the Windrise project southwest of Fort Macleod brought by the Alberta-based TransAlta Corporation. There are three projects that are private-sector partnerships with First Nations. Chief Roy Fox from Kainai First Nation has said, “This is an important first step in economic reconciliation that helps our children and their children prosper alongside other Albertans for generations to come.”

There are a number of other projects supported by our government in both wind and solar. I have mentioned these because of the influx of money and opportunity here in Lethbridge because of renewable projects. This private investment is an indication of the emerging economy that is ideal for the Lethbridge area. We have sun. And good heavens, we certainly have wind! One other point: investment in renewable energy is coming here to our area from Ontario, since the election of a government that does not support the emerging renewable economy. We definitely need these jobs, and this investment, here in Lethbridge and area. Certainly the opportunities for “renewable” collaboration with Lethbridge College offer great potential.

I hope each and every one of you had a restful break and is looking forward to a wonderful 2019. Don’t forget to check out “A Taste of Hungary” at the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association on Friday, Jan. 25.

Lethbridge East Constituency Office can be reached by telephone at 403-320-1011 or by email at lethbridge.east@assembly.ab.ca, for inquiries and appointments. We are generally open for walk-ins Monday-Thursday mornings.

Maria Fitzpatrick is the NDP MLA for Lethbridge East. Her column appears monthly.

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36 Responses to “Boost for education, green energy”

  1. Ontario has learned, through recent experience, that wind power does not work very well. Too bad Albertans can’t learn from others!

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      It’s still very much a work in progress though, this green stuff. Be fair. Nothing compares to the established and much-invested-in fossil fuels, but someone has to start turning the ocean liner. It would help if we could at least all agree on THAT.
      One tries to hope, but so many people seem to be fans of shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic instead.

      • Tris! Are you accepting the dogma that carbon dioxide from fossil fuels will lead to disaster for the planet?

        • Tris Pargeter says:

          I believe in the scientific method, a manifestation of us at our most intelligent, our most open-minded and our most reasonable. So it follows that I believe its practitioners, who are most likely to be humanity’s true saviours. Not unrelated, they also tend to be apolitical.

          On the other hand, everyone writing on this page strikes me as wildly paranoid conspiracy theorists, a.k.a. “conservatives.” All the decent, progressive ones are clearly gone, and much missed.
          There IS a bona fide, documented “conservative brain” you know, recent highly irregular political events have prompted study and one giveaway is the total inability to imagine that anyone in power is capable of ANYTHING other than trying to screw others, because that is what THEY would do in that situation.

          • Surely science has brought humanities greatest achievements. There are uncertainties though, particularly in complex disciplines such as climate change where is is difficult to separate science based speculation from empirically proven results. When science fails to provide clear answers, passion tends to prevail.

            I’m afraid we are seeing a lot of misdirected passion on the issue. Not so sure about that conservative brain science either.

        • The IPCC has produced many in depth credible assessments over the decades. However, the report associated with the meeting last fall reads more like a panic attack. Major exaggerations based on very flimsy evidence.

          So far over the top on alarmism that it is not even scary.

          Is “science” being abused?

  2. Seth Anthony says:

    The article states:

    In total these projects, which are derived from private investors, will create about 1,000 jobs and will generate enough power for nearly 300,000 homes.

    3 problems with that statement:

    1) It’s a lie. Even if it were 1000 jobs (which I doubt), these jobs are very short term and temporary.

    2) Power for 300,000 homes lol. Not even close. Ok, well maybe if each of those 300,000 homes just wants to use a toaster.

    Lethbridge has about 40,000 homes. So Eureka, not only will all Lethbridge homes now be powered by this wind project, but it can power an additional 260,000 homes! This major green breakthrough should be headline news all over the world! Why isn’t it? Because it’s a BS NDP lie.

    3) The idea of knee jerk projects to create jobs is insanely laughable. That’s basically saying you’ll get out of debt by printing money. The government needs to stop this nonsense, and instead focus on job creation by creating an environment that is conducive to business investment.

    NOTE: I don’t support the NDP, the UCP, or any other political party. IMO, they’re all pathetic.

    • lonestar says:

      Mr. Anthony, sir, you are 100% correct – down to the last line. Although there is debate ongoing on that last line the fact checkers nevertheless bestow upon you a gold star. Thank You

    • Tris Pargeter says:

      Methinks thou doth protest too much. You, my dear, are a conservative.
      Sailing clean over top of the reality looming on our horizon in what can be best described as both an oblivious and an omniscient” manner. God-like really.
      In life, it turns out, you have to bloody well choose, even though it’s much easier to just be the “party of NO.”

  3. Dennis Bremner says:

    I note Ms Fitzpatrick you chose (wisely) not to mention your part in allowing the SCS to not only be placed downtown but now thrive with near 1000 addicts. Maybe Lethbridge will forget that you and Phillips actually facilitated the destruction of our downtown! Destruction? Yes give it 5 years, you and Phillips were the architects, now all it needs is time.

    As for your proud green program, there are enough data out there to prove that windmills and solar without storage is a dead horse. Ontario followed Germany…have you read what is happening in Germany at all? No you haven’t because your party is making exactly the same mistakes! There is a reason Alt energy companies are racing to Alberta, the gig is up in ontario, not because of a non friendly Ontario Government but a cost analysis/efficiency/production study that says your “wow” technology is a dud and will have to be replaced every 12-15 years after producing an average 12-24% of talley plate power. So its because Ontario actually figured out they were being hosed and the Alt industry realized Alberta has not figured it out yet, Thats why they are here!
    You see this is rather simple, and in this case so are the politicians. Alt people knock on your door and say, I want to install a wind farm that will generate enough power to power 300,000 homes. You sign the deal at a reasonable price and the windmills go up. Suddenly its realized hmmmm its only supplying enough for 70,000 homes and only intermittently ??? We need more windmills!!! Then the moment that the windmills are reaching tally power you realize there is no demand because everyone is asleep, or it takes too long to shutdown stable power(coal NG, Nuclear) and by the time you do the wind has died and you then have to restart stable power. You should try to learn something about this, you may realize you are just a follower of a treehugger organization, sooner! Remember this if NOTHING else and that is, without power STORAGE windmills and solar at commercial levels are nothing more than treehugger feel good saving the planet platitude makers and a total waste of money, resources, land use and time! Time you huggers insist we don’t have!
    The fact you actually believe 300,000 homes tells me you and Phillips are Ontario MLAs of year 2000 and have read or absorbed nothing since then!
    I hope your government is replaced before you bankrupt us. Yes the UCP is likely no better and yes, you inherited a 14billion debt from idiots…and yes you singlehandedly took that 14billion and you will leave our next useless government with a debt of 71billion which is “amazingly poor money management”and a bunch of whirlygigs not worth the contract you signed for them. You have done nothing for Grid upgrades to even handle any amount of EVs and now in your last 15 minutes as an MLA herald pipelines and purchase oil rail cars in hopes of saving your job, good luck with that.

    Maybe the junkies will take time off from their muggings, B&Es and business harassment for the election so it does not look bad for you? You and Phillips can always hope?

    For the UCP candidates who are rellishing this rant, hear this loud and clear!
    1) Move the SCS out of town preferrably unoccupied County land or Blood Reserve land. That means close the Lethbridge SCS COMPLETELY!
    2) Fund a food prep facility in the 40 bed unit that the NDP have said they will fund. So they will be fed and housed and drugged in the same facilities. Attach a large covered, heated area that can handle overflow. It can be used for added bunks etc.
    3) Provide safe drugs if needed that will attract the users to the facility.
    4) Increase lodgings as needed, add a mini emergency room with ambulance
    5) Drug induced people show up in Lethbridge they are arrested…make sure the LAPD know to direct the druggie to the new facility and make sure he/she clearly understands that drugged up they are really really unwelcome in civilized Lethbridge!
    GET THE SCS OUT OF LETHBRIDGE or watch the downtown turn into the Vancouver East Side.

    Failing that build a bigger jail, your choice!
    Most of all, when meeting the public as an aspiring UCP candidate be totally prepared to address this issue….waffle at your peril!
    You do have an advantage at this point because Lethbridge knows Fitzpatrick and Phillips thinks SCS in downtown Lethbridge is a swell idea!! You will note that it only took one year for dogooders to stop saying they feel safe in Lethbridge downtown after dark, which I predicted would occur. I have seen this evolve many many times before, predicting is easy! So both Phillips and Fitzpatrick know exactly what will happen to downtown but will never admit it!

  4. Seth Anthony says:

    Bremner added in something I forgot to write. That is, at least the Ontario Conservatives realized these projects were a swindle. Now with the shysters shunned out of Ontario, they have their eye on the Alberta NDP, and the NDP are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

    It also doesn’t help when the typical NDP supporter talks a loud game, knows nothing but propaganda of what they fight for, are narrow minded, and rather just shoot from the hip. Then again, that describes 99% of the population.

  5. biff says:

    blah blah blah…the usual political spins and lies. we know that windmills are a net negative environmentally – even you can fix the math to “demonstrate” that they are “carbon friendly”. they make people sick, and they kill our much needed, but dwindling in numbers, flying friends. but ignorance and stupidity always win out when profit for the few is the intended purpose.

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      biff, no one disputes they are net carbon friendly, but at what cost too “real work”? Real work is Grid Upgrade, the NDP and Mr Trudeau go on about EVs, the fact is EVs would croak our grid if we ever took EVs seriously. So instead of doing prepatory work and actually getting the grid ready for the possibility of EVs we spend our time and money on humouring a few huggers that don’t have a clue as to what they are doing. If you ask a hugger if Windmills are good, he/she will either say yes, or its better than nothing.
      There is a time and a place for solar and windmills, today is neither the time and Alberta is not the place.
      Again, you do not have to look far as the failings in other provinces and countries. First adopters pay the greatest price (Germany) and followers the same (Ontario)
      Now if they announced tomorrow a battery break through technology for storage then there would be hope for the present windmills. Unfortunately its about 10-15 years away. So ALL these windmills will be carcasses looking at replacement just as we enter the 2030 deadline!!!!!

      If huggers were sincere about saving the planet then they would have never approved cap and trade, which is nothing more than a company or companies ability to hide emmissions. So under the Ontario system, they could buy California Credits to offset polluting, tell me how in the world that reduces Canadian CO2/GHGs? But gee don’t believe me

      This is where the two faced hugger terrorist comes into the fore. They sell the credits and then they sell you are polluting too much!
      Well which is it, credit or real work? These imbeciles, the same ones who think an oil train is better then a pipeline are driving us into a level of stupidity not seen before in modern history.

      -Take money, spend on electrical infrastructure. ie higher speed switching better insulators lower loss wire etc etc
      -Take money and PREPARE for the coming onslaught of electrical demand
      -Take money and install charging stations on the TransCanada
      -Take money and prepare every coal fired plant facility for Nuclear approval, start now
      -Create a fund in Alberta where the sun shines “alot” (south for sure) that allows people to borrow at 0% and install Solar or windmills for personal use. Then allow home electrical meters to rotate backwards AND get a credit for any excess you produce. The utility tracks the credits and once a month pays down your 0% loan for your equipment. So the homeowner now has a motivation, conserve, feed the grid, pay off the loan. How does that work, I thought you said Solar/Wind useless? Answer: Tesla Power wall for homes. (won’t work at commercial scale.)
      -Create the desire in Albertan’s to improve, don’t do what the NDP are doing! They are forcing on Alberta their perception of what a stupid uninformed treehugger with no brain would do! Why? What would you expect when you consult the same clueless group of professional huggers for advice, the same group that drove Ontario broke? The NDP then stand on their pulpit forced into making the same false achievement claims the huggers fed them , then when Albertans balk they blame Canadians/Alberta for a lack of support!
      The greatest weapon any politician has that follows this farce of a government is if they try to be honest and don’t bullshit the data! So, you look at talley plate data Xmega watts. You then look at average wind speed in the area you plan on installing the windmills, then assume a 50% reduction of the average and say to Albertans. This farm should be capable of a sustained X homes and on good days reach XXX homes. Carbon offset of X to XXX . Alberta has about 900 windmills, and I know what they produce daily, about 200mw to 600mw not the advertised 1,483 MW ! How do I know that? The Alberta government calculates it. So don’t hand Albertans the 1483mw numbers trying to make yourself more green, we don’t care, and don’t want the bullshit anymore!
      Thats not how the Scandanavians got people on side, they didn’t bullshit them! So the rule is, don’t feed Albertan’s total bullshit to get elected, especially after jamming a Carbon tax down our throat!
      Watching Phillips as a pipeline protester then to watch her convert to an Oil Train Lover at the 11th hour, is a tad too much for any Albertan to swallow! You want a what??? while we pay your stupid carbon tax that’s driving EVERY commodity upward?

      In short, the PCs had no clue, the NDP amplified on that by attempting to preach from the pulpit, introduce a Carbon tax, and sabotage Pipelines, then in the end deciding Pipelines are okay, and I wanna keep my job, so I am going to do some grandstanding!.
      Will the UCP be any better, only if we demand it of them! No matter what was said, this group of Lethbridge Reps sure didn’t listen, although “their door was always open”.
      I note the UCP candidates are using the same tag line, having your door open and not listening to Lethbridge tell you we don’t want the SCS here, is not a fulfillment of “door is always open” policy!
      The Carbon tax, it wasn’t in your NDP election platform, suddenly we had one, no door open their either!
      I hope Alberta and Lethbridge can see through the bullshit because I did along time ago

  6. lonestar says:

    We think you all could save a lot of words by realizing Green Energy, documented to cost more in terms of energy going in than energy coming out (EROEI- Energy returned over energy invested) is a bogus political concoction ensuring increasingly powerful unions and extremely influential people (most of whom the average homeowner will never know the names of) continues to run the show owning those who pay for it all.
    Has anyone noticed energy bills going down since we polluted southern Alberta with hundreds of turbines and solar arrays feeding the grid? Wonder why? Wonder where we’ll be five years from now – regardless who occupies the Legislature or the PM residence? Think about those three!

    The Honorable Ms. Fitzpatrick’s and Ms. Phillips representing us(???) serve no purpose whatsoever than media talking heads and closed door boardroom directed salespeople the taxpayer rewards handsomely, (via a formula they have no say in) to pull the wool over the herds eyes.

  7. Dennis Bremner says:

    You can see, there is no intention by Mr Dressup or Climate Barbie to develop a plan that was to meet 2030 targets. Its all been a sham from the getgo. Did you know before reading the link in last rant that Quebec also uses California Credits to reduce emissions?
    So as mentioned, this is not about sane people actually trying to convince Canadians to do better and do so “efficiently” this is all about the money! The soul purpose is to sell Credits, and sell them as high as possible. If the price of the Carbon tax is $50 a tonne, then a credit is worth $50 a tonne. So you can see why Corporate Eco Terrorists are suggesting we may need to raise the price on Carbon to $200-$500 a tonne. Its a ponzi scheme run by all levels of Corporate con men working the Government! There is NO REAL INTENTION of actually lowering emissions, just trade credits and work a spreadsheet! By Alberta’s Notley and her crew of unintentional co-conspirators forcing a carbon tax, it guarantees “price fixing” on the credits the con men have been working for.
    Everyone, and I mean everyone on the planet knows very few countries if any will meet 2030 targets. So you create the ponzi of Carbon Credits to create the illusion of meeting targets. You give a guy a Nobel Prize! Then watch as the people who own the credits profit. Do you know who own or controls about 70-80% of the worlds Carbon Credits? Goldman Sachs , yes a brokerage house! They purchased all the carbon credits around the planet back in 2000-2011 and now have instilled this idea of a Carbon Tax into weak minded politicians (Mr Dressup and Climate Barbie) through their network of “sponsored” Eco Terrorists. because a Carbon tax at a Federal Level, fixes the price per tonne for an offsetting credit!
    Trudeau would love to see a Carbon Tax of $500 a tonne, why? He is being told he will save the planet. So the gullible embarrassment to Canada then bribes us with our own money and sets the Country on a Carbon tax scheme, price fixing the offsetting Carbon credit for Goldman every year and the money just rolls in to GS! Remember this, a carbon credit is rented from the owner Goldman Sachs (GS), not purchased. They own the credit in perpetuity. So if you buy a credit from GS and the Carbon tax is $20 a tonne and next year the Carbon tax is raised to $50 a tonne, Goldman “rents you your $20 Carbon Credit the next year for $50 a tonne!
    Our politicians are so gullible and driven by the Goldman Sachs army of Eco Terrorists, that very soon Notley and her crew “would have announced”, if not already doing so, Alberta buying credits.

    So you know who is screwing you, read this and then start googling Goldman Sachs and Carbon Credits. Then you will soon realize who is behind the groups that stop pipelines quick enough! If you send the world into Carbon Chaos Goldman Sachs becomes bigger then 95% of the countries it serves! https://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/11/12/goldman-sachs-buys-into-carbon-offsets/

    The younger smarter Eco idiot that frequent this board think he knows all and is saving the planet! All they are doing is being “good little ponzi players” playing their part of the ponzi scheme and they are too stupid to know it!
    Thats why “doing anything rather than nothing” is the most dangerous approach to Climate Change in Canada it allows the airheads to promo exactly what the money players want!!

    Want to end up dead? Its 100% guaranteed and you don’t need Doctors to sign off on your suicide! Its 100% foolproof!
    Start speaking and lecturing around the world how Goldman and other brokerages are setting and forcing the agenda on Carbon and Carbon Taxes, and how they will manipulate the price per tonne through media and eco terrorism to force politicians to keep raising it! How they will profit in the “Trillions” and I can 100% guarantee if you start getting people to believe you, you will end up dead!
    The amusing thing…. child like idiots on this board, in Edmonton, and Ottawa who quote carbon tax as good say “the man won a Nobel Prize for his paper on Carbon Taxes” think the Nobel committee gave him the Nobel Prize! Wrong, Goldman directed the Nobel committee to give it to him, you uninformed idiots!
    Use your head just once…Google Goldman Sachs +Carbon offset then Google Goldman Sachs + Carbon Credit. These guys went so far to gather up the last remaining credits in the world they sent 700-7000 (can’t remember exact number) tiny wood stoves to African Tribes so the efficiency gained over an open fire is now their Carbon Credit forever….
    But you young people are too smart, right, you know the real truth lol
    So for as long as you believe the bullshit you are spreading no real Climate Change will be accomplished. Hence the lipservice of the NDP, they fell for the Goldman Sach (GS) bullshit hook line and sinker, same with Climate Barbie and Mr Dressup.
    Think about it, Climate Barbie needs, no demands,! the offsets/credits because its the ONLY way we have a chance of meeting the IPCC targets (no more than 1/2 degree by 2030). Thats why she is so pissed at Ontario…Why? Because the Liberals have no plan OTHER THAN Offsets, and Carbon Taxes thats why!!! Which means they have bought into the Carbon Tax hook line and sinker. Which also means to meet never ending lower emission targets set by more of Goldman Eco Terrorists, higher and higher Carbon tax prices will be needed, which then forces Carbon Credits prices higher and higher. Net result? No real change in CO2 emissions because the companies that had the credits to sell, sold them to GS, as they become more efficient, GS will garner the credit because the credit is bought from the Company under the companies name. So GS continually re-assesses the credit if the company becomes more efficient, ensuring a never ending rise in credit for GS. The polluting companies need the offsets so buy them from GS. Did the polluting companies actually stop polluting? Eventually they will because they will collapse under the Carbon Credit costs. Ergo CO2 goes down. But this is just a ranting old guy and a conspiracy theory, right? Ask yourself, why GS and the larger Brokerages went as far as they did to buy all the worlds carbon offsets in 2000-today….. Is it because they wanted to save the planet? Why would GS spend billions to lock up the Carbon Credit/Offset market 20 years ago? I will let your young minds cipher it out but, from the intelligence I have seen from the Eco Gang here, I hold no hope!

    All GS really needed badly is a naive’, young, clueless, do gooder to appear on the National Scene in charge of just ONE of the G7 Countries. A person who could be groomed by the existing group of eco-terrorists into implementing a National Carbon tax for their plan to succeed. Eventually through shaming and intimidation the remaining G6 would then capitulate. But they needed that first “Domino”. They waited and waited and waited, 20 years of waiting….. and suddenly, in walks Mr Dressup! They smile! The wait is over!

    PS- Will the UCP do better? No idea but at least they have not swallowed the GS/Eco-Terrorist bullshit and thats gotta be a BONUS because it shows they are at least independently thinking! Whether they are opposing for opposing sake or opposing because they too have figured out the Ponzi scheme is real, I don’t know. It seems many Premiers including Ford (like him or not, I don’t, ) in the country are realizing they are being suckered into the worlds largest brokerage Ponzi on the planet, period…which is a good thing!
    PPS Can the PC’s federally stop the ponzi? ….again, it may be opposing for opposing sake but, the Federal PCs seem to understand it truly is a Ponzi Scheme where, the only real beneficiary is GS and fellow Brokerages. Certainly Mr Dressup who appears to be now dressed as a Domino…doesn’t realize it!
    PPPS= Whats the solution? No Carbon Tax=No value to the Credit/Offset. Stop all trade on Credits because it does not lower emissions, it temporarily hides them, period! How temporarily? For as long as you pay GS they are hidden, the day you stop, you are a polluter!! Commence REAL Work that results in a real drop in emissions, work that results in measurable decreases in actual numbers and not spread sheets, that can, and will be manipulated, by GS/Eco Terrorist for maximum personal gain.
    PPPPS- Just an old guys rant, probably already in late stage Alzheimer’s , right, Eco Treehuggers? I truly am glad I am as old as I am because what you are doing to your kids lives and their kids lives, will ensure border line poverty, for their entire lives. Its too late to “get me” and for that I am thankful! if you intend on living beyond 2033 I feel sorry for you, perhaps you should consider the GS Speaking tour I mentioned earlier.

  8. Dennis Bremner says:

    How do credits from California work for Quebec? Lets suppose Le Gross Puker a famous Quebec industry pukes out 50,000 tonnes of Carbon a year. Lets suppose there is a Company in California in the same Industry called Clean Puker Inc. Clean Puker only expels 3,000 tonnes of Carbon a year because they have spent millions on scrubbers, filters, and recovery units. So GS looks at Clean Puker and says, we would like to buy your carbon offsets! Clean Puker who had not even heard of anyone buying an “offset” before says. Okay, How much will you give me. GS goes away and works their magic. “Puker industry average pollution tonnage is 40,000 tonnes of Carbon per month, which means Clean Puker Inc has 37,000 tonnes of Credits. So GS says, tell you what, I will pay you $37,000 a year for your credits (year 2000) but I own them from now on. Clean Puker says hey….free money, absolutely.
    2019 arrives and Credits are now being talked at $50-$500 a tonne if they can only get a country to push them…all they have to do is get one G7….
    So Mr Dressup stands up in his “Domino suit” and says $50 a tonne commencing 2019!!
    GS sells the 37,000 tonnes (that costs him $37,000 a year ) too Le Grose Puker for 37000x$50=$1,850,000 per year. Le Grose Puker then announces that they reduced pollution by 37000 tonnes this year!!! and treehuggers drive their shareprice up $1.00 and everything is good, right? CEO raises the price of the widgets that Le Grose puker produces to cover the Carbon Credit Cost. Your cost of the widget went up the CEO gets a big bonus everything is just wonderful…right? Did the emissions go away? Are we saving the planet? Yup on a spreadsheet, they sure did! Thats how Climate Barbie ,your federal government and your part time Oil Train loving Eco-Terrorist actually THINK, and I use the term lightly. Did we reduce emissions? NOT ONE IOTA!

    Now for those expecting a big paycheck from the Feds every year try this one last comment on for size.
    You are the owner of Le Grose Puker. You can pay the Fed Gov $50 a tonne to pollute or you take the one time discount GS rate for a Carbon Credit of a tonne at $35, and hand the Feds your Certificate of offset, or GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD, which do you do?
    When Mr Dressup does $100 GS offers a discount of 15%, so all the Carbon Tax that was to be collected suddenly is not real money at all, its offsetting Carbon Certificates issued by GS and your annual Carbon Tax rebate check disappears but your widget costs still went up. But you young Eco guys are way way too smart for all this, right?
    Total idiots and I mean total!

    Now, if we could only find a boneheaded idiot who wants to push this to $100 in 2021….hmmmm , do you see any?

  9. Tris Pargeter says:

    No one even has mentioned what the NDP have done towards education, itself a herculean battle of catch-up here in “let’s privatize education too” Alberta.

    All you guys just missed your calling obviously….

  10. Seth Anthony says:

    And you Tris missed the point obviously…

    Anyway, the NDP fix for education is just as stupid as the Conservative fix. Need I elaborate?

  11. Seth Anthony says:


    Your blatant delivery methods are refreshing in this society of “I’m offended because an ant crossed my path”. Kudos to you for exposing the BS.

    BTW- Are you aware of the latest technology in electrical solid state storage devices? We’re getting close to that holy grail.

    The Lonestar group will be proud.

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      Yes Seth, there are numerous new technologies out there and within about 5-7 years will be used for smaller applications. The Holy grail of mass storage is still farther away. Probably 10-15

      I have tried to be “nice” when explaining the issue at hand, but you get the typical pretending know it all Eco-Terrorist that still promotes something is better than nothing, so he can sell his crap! That mentality has spread to every level of government in Canada to a point where its accepted as the Gospel of remaining elected. Its the do something or else approach, which is the very approach that has doomed this too failure.
      No one has discussed costs, but I can tell you that if we wish to meet 2030 targets we need to spend over $100billion every year for the next 13 years to do it. Does it look like even with a failed approach they are trying that? Of course not, so its all LipService. The need to identify the Clowns in the Clown show is imperative. Everyone of these people who defend the Carbon tax do not understand the big picture. I have watched Goldman Sachs over 35 years do what they do. They never do it for the betterment of man, mankind or the planet, they are solely a money grabbing organization “at any cost”. They were instrumental at falsifying documents that allowed countries into the EU bu altering there actual debt at entry “accidentally:. Everything they do has one purpose generate money at ANY COST.
      Trudeaus last rant of Carbon Tax or stick your head in the sand, demonstrates to me, that he is a Good Little Goldman Recruit and will be handsomely rewarded when he steps down (booted out of office) If his next job is not somehow indirectly connected to supporting a GS Portfolio I will be surprised.
      For our local politicians who support it there is only one reason:

      :Lord Let me get enough time in the Legislature to get a pension and I will be happy”!

    • lonestar says:

      Thank You Mr. Anthony- we are indeed mighty proud to be among (some) intelligent folks.

  12. Seth Anthony says:

    Agreed on all counts Dennis.

    I don’t know if I’m terrified or enlightened to know that the average person has no clue to what is actually occurring. It’s as if their eyes were taught to be closed. They constantly yell for something or other, but due their ignorance, they cause even more harm. Two examples are green energy and SCS.

    Perhaps it’s the result of an education system that embraces conformity, and shuns critical thought.

    Perhaps it’s the result of greed, and the few men that control society.

    Either way, all our words here are futile against the Goliath. A profoundly different approach is needed. More specifically, a spiritual approach. Yes, a spiritual approach can be logical. This is where the Lonestar group comes in.

    • Dennis Bremner says:

      The part that no Liberal especially Trudeau understands is GS is selling Carbon Credits now, the price is not high because there is no baseline to measure what a credit is worth. The NDP in Alberta have put a price and so have BC but no G7 Country has. So as soon as Trudeau opens his trap, it won’t be long after GS has offices in every province selling Carbon Credits to the polluters.
      Long after Trudeau is gone, the Carbon Tax group that expected to be counting money will be counting Certificates and Joe Ordinary will get the shaft

      • Tris Pargeter says:

        The “Carbon Tax group that expected to be counting money”? You think THAT’S why they’re doing this, just to get your money? See? There’s that paranoid conservative thing again. They’re all out to get us…

        • Dennis Bremner says:

          Tris, I realize you enjoy sniping parts of an article to crush the entire content and thats fine, so do others. The entire purpose and selling point of the carbon tax is that those that pollute pay and those that don’t get a rebate. So, yes they are doing it to get the money, its the only way they can sell a totally inadequate, ineffective Goldman Sachs Plan.

  13. Tris Pargeter says:

    No they’re NOT doing it to get the money. You conservatives are just SO obsessed with someone taking your bloody money. God! Read that link on the conservative brain that I put up.
    The carbon tax is simply an economic strategy to change behaviour, one that CAN work according to a recent Nobel prize winning economist, for one. And a strategy that was used in B.C. that DID have an effect.
    I can see that you do much research of a type on this topic Dennis, but SURELY you can see that this is POSSIBLY something that others know more about. And that there is no pat solution.
    The common thread with you guys writing on here seems to be that YOU know more than anyone else, even those who are far more educated than you, and that YOU alone have THE solution to what are huge, intractable problems.
    May I suggest that you all need to do a lot more checking of your egos at the door. We all have them, but, as a female who accepts naturally being “within the fray”, rather than constantly aiming to be ABOVE it, I clearly see that Jerry Seinfeld was right when he observed that, “men are all low-level superheroes in their own minds.”

  14. Not much doubt a carbon tax would work if applied and enforced all around the world and made sufficiently high and not rebated, Dennis and Tris. The collateral damage could be very severe though. Maybe the cure would be worse than the climate problem? Ask Stephane Dion about the “Green Shift” he promoted years ago that Alberta adopted with the carbon levy and rebates.

  15. Dennis Bremner says:

    Tris said No they’re NOT doing it to get the money. You conservatives are just SO obsessed with someone taking your bloody money. God! Read that link on the conservative brain that I put up.
    Okay Tris lets pretend you know what you are talking about, when you don’t
    1) Trudeau is creating a huge new department for the Carbon Tax, to collect what?
    2) The Carbon tax is based on the premise “Polluters Pay” which s a Trudeau quotes as its purpose
    3) This means non-polluters don’t pay.
    4) Trouble is, Trudeau knows that everyone dinged with his Carbpn Tax will pass on the Cost to the buyers of their product. ie Oil Companies wil raise the margins on refining, and the price will rise
    5) Now the hard part Tris, why is Trudeau sending you a check?

    Lastly I am a Conservative Today because the NDP and Liberals have no clue. If the Conservatives get in and they screw this up as badly then I will be an NDP or Liberal Tomorrow. Its not my fault we seem to attract totally clueless people to Politics who think based on popularity polls and bend to special interest groups. Watch how we quickly become non competitive in the export industry as Trudeau gets his gold star for screwing us over, for 1.4% GHGs
    Write this down, Carbon Tax today, more Treehugger derived taxes soon to follow. hmmmmm https://nationalpost.com/life/food/scientists-say-a-plant-forward-diet-could-save-millions-of-lives-and-avoid-climate-change
    Pretty soon we will see salads moving across the great frontier of Alberta….how do you rope a salad?

  16. lonestar says:

    Very interesting looking in on the fractious caterwaul, one of hundreds like it in play at any given moment.

    The University of the Internet (U of I) has made scientists with accreditation out of a lot of good folks. But simply put ya’ll, every single person in beautiful tax riddled Canada could drop in their tracks tomorrow, no humans, no more anthropogenic pollution, no roads, no smokestacks at Lafarge, no golf course fouling the valley’s, no mining, no Fort McMurray, landfills silent and the loss of 35 million on a planet of 7.6 Billion would not be measurable.

    • biff says:

      indeed, lonestar – perhaps losing 3.5 bil might bring some relief to the planet, nd even then, the remaining 4 bil would still have to let go of a lot their stupid and selfish wants, and focus mostly on needs.

  17. Tris needs to stop following theologs like Al Gore and consider the writings of those with some real science background like Alan Carlin.