October 20th, 2020

Alberta’s year of transformation

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on December 13, 2019.

On Thursday, Dec. 5, the Legislature adjourned for the holidays. Our government has been working incredibly hard for you and your family, and I wanted to update you on some of the accomplishments that have happened throughout the last two sittings of the Assembly.

This was a year of transformative change for Alberta, and I am proud to have helped champion much of that change for our city and our province. Albertans resoundingly ushered in a “Spring of Renewal” through electing our government back in April. Our very first order of business, and a top concern of yours, was to scrap the provincial carbon tax and begin the work of getting Albertans back on jobsites and working on projects in every community across our province.

From there, we entered a whirlwind first sitting where we put forward legislation that would make life easier for you and your families. We know that every single dollar that is invested into public services and public goods must be spent with the utmost discrepancy. That’s why we passed legislation such as the job creation tax cut to bring investment back into this province, and put forth initiatives that will cut red tape and ensure that dollars spent are proportional to positive outcomes in our public sector.

Our government fought for you by staying the course through record-breaking filibusters and working at full tilt to turn this province around and get Alberta open for business. Some personal highlights of this past summer are celebrating Cavendish Farms’ historic investment in Lethbridge’s agri-food economy, welcoming 20 cabinet ministers to Lethbridge throughout August and September, as well as hosting the premier for the grand opening of the U of L Science Commons at the start of the fall.

In October, we commenced our second sitting of this year, beginning with the introduction of our first budget. Budget 2019 is a thoughtful plan that charts Alberta’s way back to balance while maintaining supports for our public and social services, and investing in new infrastructure, such as schools and health-care facilities. We have made strides towards fiscal stability after decades of increased spending.

Taking a measured approach to public spending has allowed us to make necessary reductions needed to balance our books, while protecting the services and programs that Albertans care about most. We maintained spending in health care and education, while increasing funds to seniors, social and children’s services.

We have seen the green shoots of investment, too, throughout our fall sitting. I am happy to report that on Dec. 3, construction finally began on the Trans Mountain expansion project just outside of Edmonton. While construction is far from complete, this is a milestone worth celebrating. This past week also saw a portion of Enbridge’s Line 3 become operational. Along with other enhancements to the Enbridge Mainline system, Line 3 will increase Alberta’s takeaway capacity by roughly 100,000 barrels of oil per day.

Even through a busy budget cycle and fall sitting, I had the privilege of welcoming Team Lethbridge to the Alberta Legislature, attending events that honoured our veterans, seniors and the many diverse communities who have become pillars of our city, and have made the most of every opportunity I could to advocate for you.

It has been over seven months since Albertans elected us with the largest democratic mandate in Alberta’s history, and 162 out of our 375 platform commitments have already been met or are well underway. We are accomplishing what Albertans elected us to do, and I am thankful to be a part of the work that is well underway in getting Alberta back on track.

It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to serve as your voice in the Legislature. After a lengthy and productive session, I am looking forward to spending time with constituents, friends and family in the coming weeks as we head into the holidays.

I wish all of you the best for the holidays and look forward to a prosperous and renewed 2020.

Nathan Neudorf is the UCP MLA for Lethbridge East. His column appears monthly.

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Southern Albertan

..a not surprising overly flowery, rosy overview of the populist authoritarian Kenney UCP government. It should not be forgotten that more Albertans voted for the AB NDP in 2019, than in 2015. The difference in 2015 was the right wing split.
So now, all the while, Kenney’s popularity rating has dropped by 15%; the RCMP are still investigating UCP leadership kamikaze campaign financial and whatever else irregularities; there will be cuts to the front lines in health care and education which was promised to not happen; thanks to the Kenney UCP for the downgrading of Alberta’s credit rating by Moody’s citing “continuing volatility” in the province’s dependence on a sunset fossil fuel industry with no more booms; the unwise $4.7 billion dollar corporate tax cut which we all should know will not trickle down; the $30 million dollar ‘War Room’ headed up by a failed UCP candidate to the tune of $195,000/year; iffy trips,at times with entourages, courtesy of the taxpayer’s dime; Kenney attacking academic freedom in the Legislature; Highway 3 from Taber to Medicine Hat and from Fort Macleod to the Crowsnest Pass not being twinned; Highway 3 bridge upgrade over the Oldman River not being done, a reminder of the $20-30 billion infrastructrue debt left from the Klein era of which still needs to be fixed; more jobs are being lost, not created thanks to the old school way of doing politics; uncertainly re: other industries settling in Alberta being leery of western alienation/separation threats which have been seemingly fanned by Kenney for political, ideological reasons; seemingly not willing to diversify the Alberta economy; not dealing with and recognizing the climate crisis; using private surgery facilities to try to reduce wait times which will not work and has not worked in the past; the untrustworthy trend to private-for-profit health care; $millions/year going toward private schools while cutting public education; increased tuition fees for college and university students; not doing what it takes to fix lack of revenue issues; continuing to operate with deficits despite UCP vigorous critcism of deficits….it just goes on and on.
The question is with this government: What iffy thing will it be tomorrow?
It’s almost as if the attitude is to do and say, with impunity. An email to my UCP MLA re: education and health care cuts and threatened pension interventions, went unacknowledged. Pathetic…..


“It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to serve as your voice in the Legislature.” ~ Nathan Neudorf

Mr. Neudorf wishes the reader to believe that he is representing ALL of his constituents.

It is a privilege, indeed, to be a public servant.

A pleasure?

How much “pleasure” will Mr. Neudorf enjoy if he truly becomes a voice to represent and address the concerns of many of his constituents whose lives have been severely impacted by this government’s ideological policies?

Dennis Bremner

I am impressed Nathan. You can articulate with ease exactly what your party said they would do and are doing, but seem to have total amnesia on all the things your party said they would not do, and are doing? Your transition to a politician is complete, and so quickly too!


All the best Nathan. We support everything you can do to reduce the size and scope of Alberta’s provincial government, and all those negative assets employed in it. Lets cut it down to an efficient size and leave the tax savings in citizens’ hands to allow them to put their money to work. That is what made Alberta and that is what we need going forward. No more red tories or red ndp.


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