April 17th, 2021

Painting all police with the same brush unfair

By Al Beeber on March 27, 2021.

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Hi Mr. Beeber. I absolutely agree that we must not paint all the police with the same brush, the same as any group of people. I would like however to make a couple of points. There is quite certainly some less than stellar actions by certain members of the LPS that must be addressed swiftly to protect the integrity of our local police force. Dragging their heels for months at a time “working on a plan”, doesn’t cut it. When you are employed in certain industries, there is a much higher standard expected and to be met. As an example, a professional truck driver is held to a much higher standard and expectation that some one driving their SUV to work. Someone serving in the police force is expected to be unbiases in their duties and to not only uphold the law but to adhere to those same laws both on and off duty. When people lose trust and faith in their police officers, we have a major problem. Action must be taken now and not later, even if that means that court proceedings have to take place. Get the ball rolling so the citizens of Lethbridge know that these accusations are not just being swept under the rug. Have a great day.

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