October 20th, 2019

Liberals nominate Bronson as Lethbridge candidate

By Lethbridge Herald on May 10, 2019.

Herald photo by Ian Martens Amy Bronson is the Liberal candidate for the Lethbridge riding in the upcoming federal election.

Dave Mabell
Lethbridge Herald
A management consultant with a master’s degree in global affairs will carry the federal Liberals’ banner in Lethbridge.
Lethbridge-born Amy Bronson has won the party’s nomination for this fall’s national election. She’s looking forward to a number of campaign and public events over coming months.
And Bronson — who’s volunteered with local Rotary members on projects around the world — sees great opportunities for Lethbridge as a leader in the emerging economy. It’s already home to people from many nations and cultures, she points out.
And thanks to its college and university, there are Lethbridge residents who are ready to create new economic opportunities and jobs in emerging fields.
“We have the talent that the world is clamouring for,” like computer science graduates who could succeed in a wide variety of enterprises. They want to put down roots in Lethbridge, Bronson points out — but too many have to leave to find suitable employment.
“I really think Lethbridge is staged with the ability to succeed in the new economy.”
What’s needed, she believes, is the leadership to help that happen. As the city’s Member of Parliament, that would be one of her top priorities.
As the daughter of a nurse and a beef industry specialist, Bronson says she’s learned that hard work is essential for success. She took on a variety of entry-level jobs — and fondly remembers making deep-fried Mars bars during Whoop-Up Days.
“This community is so full of people who are sincere, hard-working people who are also humble,” she realized.
As a student at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, Bronson also learned the importance of music and the arts.
“I had great opportunities to be in the performing arts,” and went on to join a folk music band, play guitar at McKillop United and share her talents at Canyon Church Camp in Waterton.
Since earning her master’s degree from the University of Toronto, Bronson has served as a consultant for a list of projects, in North America and around the world. Here in Canada, she’s well aware of the role of the federal government with such critical issues as the TransMountain pipeline expansion: “Let’s make it happen!”
And she ready to dig into the challenges of such conflicts as the SLC Lavalin controversy. The way to deal with those issues is through the processes operating within the party responsible, Bronson believes — to become part of the remedy.
“I am going to participate in the future of the Liberal Party,” and she aims to talk to many Lethbridge residents over the summer about its policies and its vision for the future.
For those who believe in the Liberals’ vision, Bronson says now’s the time to get involved here at the grassroots level. For those who don’t share that vision, Bronson says she’ll be out in the community, talking with people from all political viewpoints.
“We have a great track record on so many issues that involve Lethbridge,” she believes.
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