February 19th, 2020

Green Party candidate Watson an environment professional

By Lethbridge Herald on August 23, 2019.

Dave Mabell
Lethbridge Herald
An environmental science professional has been named the Green Party of Canada candidate for Lethbridge in this fall’s federal election.
Stephnie Watson, a business owner who graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Lethbridge, says she intends to hold sitting MP Rachael Harder and the Conservative Party of Canada accountable for their record and current positions on environmental issues.
Canadians — including southern Alberta food producers — face real challenges in the face of climate change, she points out. Those issues are being raised increasingly by Lethbridge-area residents, Watson says.
“People want their voices heard.”
Southern Alberta producers are already experiencing the impact of climate change, Watson says. With weather patterns becoming more extreme, there’s an increased danger of drought as well as severe storms and hail.
And as summer temperatures and humidity climb, crops will be affected in different ways.
A Lethbridge resident for 17 years, Watson is owner and operator of Sherlock & Watson Scientific. The company aims at providing easily accessible scientific information to the public, businesses and governments — as well as contributing to furthering environmental scientific research.
Watson has also researched potato viruses and soil issues at Lethbridge’s federal research station. And after experiencing the failure of the federal government’s Phoenix payroll system, Watson says the Conservatives must be held to account for approving its introduction.
“There are hundreds of thousands of people who were affected” — and if the federal government can get away with that, what about private employers?
As an entrepreneur, Watson has been able to remain in Lethbridge. But after earning their degrees, many students have to move away.
“The opportunities aren’t here,” but the Green Party would promote local initiatives. At the same time, Watson says the national party is calling for retraining programs for people no longer needed in the declining oil and gas industries.
“Many people could transition to renewable-energy jobs with very little retraining,” based on skills they already have.
After seeing the Harper Conservative government muzzle scientists at the Lethbridge station and federal facilities across Canada, Watson stresses the importance of basing policy decisions on proven evidence.
Opioid use has become a crisis right across Canada — not just in Lethbridge — and Watson says the “four pillars” approach is proving the most successful. Taking away the first pillar, a supervised site, could result in needle debris and overdose deaths throughout the city.
“I am excited to be given the chance to work for the people of the Lethbridge electoral district,” Watson says — “To make voices that feel unheard, heard, deal with the misinformation being spread by current public figures, and to put forth well-researched ways to make our society sustainable and accessible to everyone.”
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5 Responses to “Green Party candidate Watson an environment professional”

  1. old school says:

    A self proclaimed enviro-professional?
    Global warming? Is making the weather too cold and wet for farmers to
    harvest many crops around here.
    Perhaps the pro can explain why ??

  2. JustObserving says:

    Oh’ Great ! Another Wannabe politician fighting the election of 2015 and bent on holding Harper to account. Why is it these supposed forward thinkers are incapable of figuring out it’s 2019 and Trudeau is the menace. I figure this candidate is good for a few hundred votes stolen from the NDP…tops

  3. Southern Albertan says:

    Those of us political nerds who are watching recent trends closely, it is now apparent that for voters over 60, 35% of them will be voting Green and very interestngly, 58% of millenials will be voting Green.
    Perhaps this would be a good read for partisan right wing Alberta voters to understand why votes are veering away from all mainstream parties, including the Conservatives and the Liberals, not just the NDP.
    “Why you just may vote Green this time. Anne Kingston: Elizabeth May’s party has emerged as the political sleeper at an increasingly polarized moment.”
    “What’s Fueling Canada’s Green Party – Abacus Data. Digging Into The Green Party”
    This may be a very interestng trend because it’s looking like we’re headed for a minorty government in October, likely and unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals, but what would be equally unfortunate the Scheer Conservatives. Time will tell.

  4. diplomacy works says:

    Well, I’ll take an “environmental professional” over the many, many Conservatives like Harder who are professional politicians.

    Agree on some of your points, Southern Albertan, but not that Trudeau and Scheer are equally bad.

    Trudeau is not anti-science and does have a proven track record of working across parties and specifically with Elizabeth May. A minority Liberal govt with Green and NDP backing could be a very good thing for Canada.

    Scheer treading in Harper’s well worn footsteps and behaving as Harper did with a minority would be a(notehr) disaster. We don’t have time for Con politics – it’s time to prepare for the future.

    • Southern Albertan says:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinons, but, for me, and many, the Trudeau Liberals have failed to deal meaningfully with climate change/emissions and Canada will not meet the Paris Agreement targets. The Liberals adopted the Harper regime’s targets, so that really fizzled.
      Also, re: Elizabeth May, she has come out strongly against the Trudeau Liberal’s climate change/emissions non-action, TMX pipelne purchase, etc. She has also clearly stated that she doesn’t believe that Trudeau even realizes that he was wrong re: the SNC Lavalin Scandal and that he should be apologizing to Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott. The Trudeau Liberals are also appearing more and more to be full of hot air with their reconciliation-speak with regard to our indigenous peoples.
      It would be agreed though, that in a minority government scenario that the Green Party and the NDP could instigate positive change to assist the Liberals to avoid a vote of nonconfidence, but the Liberals might have to hold their nose.
      Many of us have also watched the Liberals, for years, be really good at social democrat talk particularly during election campaigns, but what they say then and what they do, once elected, are often two very different things and are often just as neo-liberal right wing as the neo-liberal right wing. For example, Trudeau promised to phase out the federal $billion subsidies to the oil and gas sector but did not. He promised to bring in electoral reform, but when the electoral reform committee came back with the finding that folks wanted a form of proportional representation, he backed off. He wanted a ranked ballot system, which would have garnered the Liberals even more of a majority yet if it had been used in 2015.
      We have watched, for years, both the Liberals and the Conservatives not do fair taxation, i.e.too low corporate tax rates which have not trickled down thus keeping their 1%-at-the-top-friends wealthy.
      We have watched both Conservative and Liberal majority governments and their ongoing scandals, which is a reflection of toxic entitlement.
      So, again, for me, and many, the ‘Mouseland’ poltical satire still applies re: the Liberals and the Conservatives, the black cats and the white cats are not very good for the mice, which is most of us, and sadly, many of us do not even realize it.
      I wholeheartedly agree with your summary re: Scheer being Harper-lite and preparing for the future which would include different politics than the tired, old, scandal-ridden, self-entitled Liberals and Conservatives…..high time for a change.