October 22nd, 2020

Bells, poinsettias among Christmas symbols

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Rev. Austin Fennell


The story is told that a blind boy sitting at the edge of the road heard people singing and hurrying by. He asked them what the excitement was about. They answered, “An important baby has been born.”

“I want to come, too,” he said. “Please take me, too,” he asked. No one paid any attention to him. It grew quiet until he heard the sound coming from bells tied around the necks of cows. He followed the sound of the bells and found his way to a manger in which lay an infant. The child was Jesus.

Since the Middle Ages, church bells have rung to celebrate His birth. Thus, the symbol of bells began with a young blind boy.

Dr. Joel Robert Poinsett, U.S. ambassador to Mexico, saw how people at Christmas time brought gifts to lay by the manger in the church. Everyone brought a gift.

A poor boy was troubled that he had next to nothing to bring. As he travelled to his church, he spied some dried weeds which he pulled up to make as his gift. Cautiously, he followed others to the altar. Then a miracle happened: the leaves turned into a deep green and bright red. The little boy smiled his thanksgiving, and now millions of poinsettias decorate churches and homes at this season.

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