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Students get on board with Gas Energy Education Mobile

By Lethbridge Herald on April 16, 2015.

Melissa Villeneuve
Lethbridge Herald
Energy makes the world go ’round, and Grade 4 students at Lakeview School are learning the importance of conserving it.
The ATCO Gas Energy Education Mobile (EEM), in partnership with Exhibition Park’s Safety City, made a stop at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday.
“For ATCO Gas, we do a lot of safety messages so we thought it would be a great partnership to work with Safety City,” said Shane Ellis, ATCO Gas senior manager Lethbridge operations.
“In our ATCO Energy Mobile we teach kids about energy, about the safe use of energy, about the efficient use of energy, and where energy comes from.”
The converted 12-foot long motor home is an interactive classroom on wheels. Inside are four types of stations, where children can complete hands-on activities and learn about Alberta’s energy resources, the importance of energy efficiency, how to use electricity wisely and how to prevent heat loss in a home.
Ellis said it’s important to learn about energy safety because it’s easily taken for granted, being around it every day.
“It heats our homes. It turns on our lights. We don’t often take the opportunity to look at that safety message. It’s an opportunity for us to take it to the kids, and start them at a young age so they can take it to their homes.”
The EEM was developed by ATCO EnergySense in consultation with Alberta teachers to align with the Grade 4 science and social studies curriculum.
Lakeview principal Chris Gonsalvez said the kids are “really excited” when they come off the bus, and that it is a great opportunity for students to learn.
The EEM will visit Nicholas Sheran Community School today.
Since 2010, the EEM has visited more than 350 schools in 170 communities throughout the province.
About 17,000 children have participated in the free program.
For more information, visit http://www.atcoenergysense.com.

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