January 23rd, 2021

Police charge two 17 year olds in connection with recent property-crime spree

By Lethbridge Herald on June 4, 2015.

Lethbridge Regional Police Service has charged a 17-year-old male and 17-year-old female in connection with a recent property-crimes spree.
According to police, investigation determined between mid-April and mid-May, a pair of youth drove to various neighourhoods throughout the city and committed numerous thefts from vehicles and breaks and enters. The vehicles that were entered were unlocked and items stolen included clothing, cash, electronics and golf clubs. Police allege youths also broke into several homes and garages and stole a variety of items including high end clothing and purses, DVDs, sunglasses, jewelry, liquor, electronics and cash.
Two youths were arrested just after midnight on May 13 after police observed a suspicious vehicle a short distance away from a residential break-in. A traffic stop was conducted along the 3000 block of 48th Avenue South and a significant quantity of stolen property was located inside the vehicle, including a firearm later found to have been stolen from a vehicle in Picture Butte, according to police.
Police estimate the total value of the property stolen in these incidents to be more than $11,000.
In addition to the items recovered from the vehicle, police obtained and executed a search warrant at a home and recovered additional stolen property. The rightful owners of a number of the items have been identified and the property returned.
The two youths charged, who cannot be named, appeared in court Wednesday.
With summer just around the corner and more people expected to be outside for longer periods of time, police are advising the public to take precautions to protect their property, and added property crimes are often crimes of opportunity and can be prevented.
To help reduce the risk of being victimized by a car prowler, police added residents should lock their car doors, secure the windows and remove all valuables from vehicles. Those who must store an item of value for a short time, should ensure it is kept in the trunk or out of sight.
Police added car prowlers are looking for easy targets, and most go car to car trying car door handles and if the vehicle is locked, will typically move on to the next one. Anyone who observes this suspicious activity is asked to call police immediately to report it.
To reduce the risk of a break and enter to your home, police advice residents to keep all doors locked at all times, including attached garage doors, and keep trees and shrubs on the property cut back to reduce hiding spots for criminals and install motion sensor lights.
 Police are also encouraging homeowners with security cameras to register their camera to help officers investigate in the event of a crime or suspicious activity in your neighbourhood. It is free to register a residential or business security camera and police will only contact you if there is a crime in the vicinity of the camera.
Register your security camera at http://www.lethbridgepolice.ca

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