January 16th, 2021

Cardston RCMP investigating report of kidnapping and sexual assault of a young woman

By Lethbridge Herald on June 5, 2015.

Cardston RCMP officers are investigating a report of a kidnapping and sexual assault of a young woman, which police say occurred at approximately 11 p.m. Wednesday outside Cardston High School.
According to police, a dark-coloured van pulled up to a woman, and two men took her into their vehicle and drove to a remote location. During the incident, one of the men allegedly sexually touched the woman, police added. Once at a location, the woman fought her way out and fled on foot, as the woman was unharmed and re-united with her family, according to a RCMP press release.
Police are looking for a vehicle which has been described as an older, dark, navy-blue van with rectangular headlights and fog lights, with the passenger side one burnt out. The back windows are tinted, according to police, while the vehicle also has a cracked windshield on the passenger side where a rock chip was. Police added the van also features a silver chrome stripe alongside it.
One of the men allegedly involved has been described to police as a First Nations man wearing a reddish-coloured ball cap, with a longer nose, smaller frame and longer hair under his hat. Police added the man had lighter skin, a five-o-clock shadow and was likely in his 20s.
The second man has been described as being fairly large, roughly 5’10” and 280 pounds with really dark skin and short hair. Police added that man was clean shaven and was wearing a red/burgundy ball cap backwards, a long-sleeved black shirt with a distorted picture on it, blue jeans and a shiny black dress belt. He has been described as being approximately 19-25 years old.
Anyone with information about this matter is asked to contact the Cardston RCMP at 403-653-4931 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-822-TIPS.

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