January 18th, 2021

Unwanted cat crisis continues to grow — Last Chance Cat Ranch says irresponsible pet ownership to blame

By Lethbridge Herald on July 15, 2015.

Tijana Martin
The cat crisis in Lethbridge continues to worsen, according to Elizabeth Ginn with Last Chance Cat Ranch, and irresponsible pet ownership is largely to blame.
“It’s not improving at all, I was hoping there would be some improvement over time but it’s not improving.”
Ginn feels people are being irresponsible and not looking after reducing the pet population, but are actually adding to it by not getting their pets spayed and neutered.
She said she receives numerous phone calls a day from areas all across southern Alberta and even as far north as Edmonton about abandoned and stray cats.
“This is the worst year we’ve seen and it’s not just us, all the rescues are saying that,” she added.
Just like Last Chance Cat Ranch, many shelters across the province are stating that they’re at capacity. The Calgary Humane Society held an emergency adoption event last week as well as the Alberta Animal Rescue Society.
“None of the rescues in Calgary can take any cats in because of the over-capacity issues, now they’re calling us, they’re calling everywhere they can,” Ginn said.
Fortunately, she said they have excellent foster home support.
“Right now we have five moms and kittens in foster care.”
Ginn said one of those cats has had about five or six litters.
“Why wasn’t she sprayed initially, or even after the first litter?” she asked.
“People think kittens are cute. Well, kittens are cute, but they grow up to be cats . . . and they’re aren’t enough homes for them.”

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