January 15th, 2021

University career fair gives idea of future job opportunities

By Lethbridge Herald on October 2, 2015.

University of Lethbridge students had an opportunity to explore future options and possibilities at Career Fair 2015 in the First Choice Savings Centre for Sports and Wellness on University of Lethbridge campus this week.
Mark Slomp, director of student services and manager of counselling and career services for the University of Lethbridge, said the career fair allows students to connect with employers, gain a sense of opportunity, and coonect their learning with employment outcomes.
“It’s extremely important for students to realize and to gain a broader sense of what they can do with their degrees, and the opportunities that exist in the world of work. Sometimes, students don’t think that there are opportunities that emerge from their degrees, or that are in line with their interests. This is a really good way to expose them to all kinds of opportunities and possibilities.”
Slomp said there were 79 tables featuring employers, volunteer organizations, mentorship programs, police and military recruiting, and law and nursing schools which were available for students to learn more about. Last year, about 2,200 students took in the event, and this year, there were more than 2,700.
Slomp said when he talks to students as part of career counselling services, he often encourages them to look for opportunities.
“The best thing you can do to move your career forward is to act on the present, and create opportunity for yourself,” he said. “One way you do that is to meet people who share your interests.”
Brittany Young is a counselling student at Yorkville University who also works at the University of Lethbridge. She said the event is an opportunity for students considering their futures.
“I think it’s a really great opportunity for all kinds of students,” she said. “It’s a chance to look for summer jobs, meet sme employers, and give them an opportunity to see just what else is out there.”
Kelsey Robanske is a Kinesiology student getting ready to graduate this year. She said she had been browsing to see all of the options available for different careers.
“There’s lots of different opportunities for different degrees,” she said. “It’s really diverse. A lot of good options.”
This is the 26th year of the event, and the last year that organizer Pat Tanaka, manager of career and employment services, will be involved. Tanaka has been involved with the career fair since the beginning.
“She has been the lead on this ever since the very beginning,” said Slomp. “She’s done a tremendous job.
“The feedback we’ve gotten is that this is the best post-secondary career fair in the province. That really is a testament to her leadership, and her commitment to quality and to U of L students.”

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