July 16th, 2018

State of local emergency declared in Lethbridge County due to flooding

By Lethbridge Herald on April 16, 2018.

From Lethbridge County:

Lethbridge County has declared a State of Local Emergency (SOLE) the morning of April 16, 2018 due to flooding in the County.
Overland flooding is impacting rural areas and local roads in various locations throughout the County. Crews are working to alleviate buildup of drainage water in areas where water is pooling or ponding above flood elevation. To mitigate the impact of these conditions drainage ways are required to be open to their full capacity and downstream landowners may be impacted.
County Council believes that there is an imminent hazard to infrastructure and property and has directed municipal staff to undertake whatever actions are necessary to protect private and public property from damage with a special emphasis on the protection of residential dwellings and commercial/industrial structures.
If your buildings or above ground structures are in danger of flooding, please contact Lethbridge County at:
Daytime: call (403) 732-5333
After-hours: call (403) 328-5525 and follow the voice prompts.
Several roads are currently closed and remain impassable due to water levels building up above the height of the road. If you are aware that water has impacted a roadway and it does not have barricades or signage, please contact the above numbers.

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